Video Review: Janelle Monáe & Zoë Kravitz “Screwed”

Janelle Monáe  wakes up within a group of people on a rooftop. Her boyfriend rubs his eyes. A young woman vomits. A second young woman checks on her. Monáe stands up and shields her eyes from the sun as she looks up at the sky. She spots two drones flying near them. She and her friends run off in different directions.

In graffitied office building, she and her friends walk by the glass windows. She tells her friends to run as she watches another drone hovering by the window. They rush down the stairs and find a graffitied room. They dance for a few minutes or so. However, they scurry to the doors for cover to hide from the drone.

She and her band perform at a club. Two agents lurk in the corner.

Lit in cardinal red, she and her female friends walk through a curtain. They sit on couches and watch three large televisions broadcast the Statue of Liberty and the a woman in a hijab.

A woman records Monáe dancing with her boyfriend inside her saxophone.

In the afternoon, they walk back to the rooftop. One of her friends walks to the hovercraft. Two agents arrest her. She and her friends stay behind a wooden ledge.

Rating: 5/5

Janelle Monáe bends over, putting her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Her boyfriend taps her on the back and tells her she can’t stop. She says they are going to have to eventually. Her boyfriend says they can’t give up. She says they lost one person already. She thinks of her every day and searches for her when they find somewhere to hide. However, she knows she may be dead. Her boyfriend shakes his head and tells her to stay positive. She says they need an actual plan beyond running.

Someone within the group tipped off the authorities. However, she doesn’t know who. She has some suspicions, though. No place has been safe. They have been found at each location. At each location, people disappear and are never seen again. They have to be careful.

In an abandoned diner, she asks everyone to stand by the counter. She says they can only survive if they trust each other. Otherwise, she says, the authorities are going to continue to pick them off one by one. She asks them to scour the diner for any forms of identification. They are going to have to hack into it.

As a leader, she knows to look out for her group. However, as digs through cabinets and drawers, the time is getting close to where she’s going to have look out for herself.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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