Video Review: Third Eye Blind “Semi-Charmed Life”

A satellite records as it floats in space. In San Francisco, California, people ride their scooters on the road. A group of four young men drive through the city. The young man in the back pets his dog. Stephan points to his head as he walks downtown. Men in suits ride their scooters to work. A second young man types on a small table on the sidewalk.

Third Eye Blind perform in the family room of an apartment.

Stephan rides a motorcycle downtown. A young woman kisses her female friend. The female friend pushes her friend away. He runs down the street.

Two people argue in the apartment.

Stephan closes his eyes as the people on the scooters circle around him in a parking lot.

Two people catch a drunk, blonde young woman. The blonde young woman watches the moon landing on television and recognizes the patch on the jacket.

Rating: 2/5

A white man in a suit drives his scooter to work. He carries his suitcase and says hello the janitor as he walks up stairs. While he sits as his desk, he sighs as he reads an email from human resources saying an employee  wants to schedule a meeting with him. It’s regarding a harassment complaint about a manager. He okays it. The middle managers ask him about his family as they walk into his office. He approves the firing of five employees who spoke up against their manager.

A young woman leans her head against her best friend’s shoulder. She whispers “I love you” and falls asleep. Her best friend smiles to herself. The best friend tells the driver they’ll be only stop. She gives the young woman the bed and sleeps on the floor. In the morning, the young woman snorts cocaine and calls her driver to take her home. She discards her ripped designer clothes and takes some clothes from her best friend’s closet. She tells her best friend she’ll see her in the afternoon. Her best friend kisses the young woman. The young woman calls her a number of slurs and says it didn’t mean anything.

A young man types the conversations he hears as he works on his novel on the street. He reads from his book of poetry at the chain bookstore. While at the book store, he skims through the literary magazines and writes down his favorite lines. Back on the street, he paraphrases the words and submits them. The editors praise his raw talent and publish his new work.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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