Video Review: Steve Aoki, AJR, & Lil Yachty “Pretender”

The Pretender social media app is chosen on a cellphone. The first post, from Steve Aoki, says “Rise and Grind! Early Bird gets the worm” with a picture of trees. Aoki puts down his phone from the window and falls back asleep in bed. It receives thousands of likes.

A young woma, Princess XOXO, holds her phone between her feet and takes a picture of herself in bed. She posts her update, “Bae caught me sleeping again.”

AJR sit on beach chairs and sip drinks as they sing. Aoki posts a story that he’s swimming and “getting thrashed” in the water. In his driveway, he brushes the wet hair out of his face as he stands up in the dunk tank.

ClubRatzssz posts that “Club is (fire emoji)” while several people dance under the neon light. An assistant films ClubRatzssz as she dances.

Lil Yachty raps to a crowd of people. However, Lil Yachty stands by a green screen while only a few people hold up their phones. The director eats his lunch. FittyBitty91 sits on her lounge chair in the backyard and writes “halfway through my 4 mile run.” She sprays herself with water and posts the photo on her social media.

LadyyyInARush posts a picture of herself holding lettuce and writes “finally decided I’m going VEGAN!” Setting her phone down, she places the lettuce and tomato over a piece of meat on a plate. She bites into it. She receives an invitation from Aoki, saying “Calling All Pretenders!”

The social media influencers dance at Aoki’s party.

PastaPlayboii posts a video of a hand with red-painted nails touching his own. He smiles while he holds his arms close together.

Rating: 5/5

FittyBitty91puts a towel over her shoulder as she talks to reporter from her local newspaper. She stretches and bends, saying she’ll be running soon. The reporter says she would like to join her, adding she missed her run. FittyBitty91 says it’s okay, she doesn’t want to her to be sweaty. The reporter points to her tennis shoes and says she blocked out the entire morning. She can be back at the office at anytime. FittyBitty91 gulps and says she has to get her water bottle from the kitchen.

During the run, the reporter asks if she’s okay. FittyBitty91 coughs and says it’s just a cramp. The reporter comments her face is turning white and they should stop. FittyBitty91 apologizes after she vomits and collapses on the ground. The reporter calls the ambulance. FittyBitty91 posts from her hospital bed, describing her health scare. She continues to post fitness tips after her release. While waiting in the doctor’s office, her phone beeps repeatedly. She grins, excited to see which post went viral. However, she reads email after email from angry readers and companies dropping her as a sponsor.

LadyyyInARush orders a steak as celebrates her 1 millionth follower on social media. Her mom tells her put the phone down and says they are eating. Her sister smiles and tells the followers “hello” in the instant story. She scans the restaurant and thanks her readers for all the love. Her sister checks her phone as they leave and tells LadyyyInARush to delete the video. LadyyyInARush reads the comments from readers pointing out the steak on her plate. She says she can explain it as a cheat day and posts an apology on her social media. The followers start to drop as readers take notice she never posts her dinner and only pieces of the food. Some bloggers accuse of her stealing photos. She puts herself in debt, buying followers and likes. Her mom tells her to shut it down. After she loses her job, she moves in with her sister and puts her domain name up for sale.

Director: Tyler Yee Year: 2018

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