Video Review: Willa Ford “Did Ya’ Understand That”

Willa Ford watches the sun rise from the bedroom window and wakes up her boyfriend. She kisses him on the cheek and he takes the sheet with him as he walks to the bathroom.

She dances in her family room, wearing a gold minidress.

She talks to him as she carries some clothes to the dressing room. As he sits on the couch, she twirls and asks his opinion. A young woman walks out of the dressing room on the left and he turns his head. Ford sees him talking to the young woman and returns to the dressing room. She leans against the wall, her head down and kicks the mirror.

Wearing the blue crop top and skirt, she lights the candle on the kitchen table. Her boyfriend sits in the car and receives her text: “you’re late for our anniversary. Where are you?” He answers that he’s “in bed with a nasty cold” and promises to call her.

While she sits on the couch, her best friends get her to dance with them in the family room.

She sits on the bed, wearing cherry-printed pajama set. She calls her boyfriend as she paints her nails. He ends the call and talks to the young woman in the bar. He sits on his phone as he kisses the young woman and calls Ford back. She throws the vase of red roses on her bedroom wall.

In black-and-white, she performs at a club. She smashes her guitar on stage.

She lands back in a mahogany painted room. She continues to dance as gold confetti falls.

Her boyfriend opens the bedroom door and sees her with the second young woman in bed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Willa Ford and the young woman giggle as they talk about the men they’ve shared. They both agree the current boyfriend really thinks he’s juggling two girls. Ford shows the young woman some of his texts and says, “really?” The young woman laughs and says he was late due to traffic. Ford scoffs, saying it was because he was making out with her.

The young woman says it’s started to get serious with her boyfriend. She thinks he’s going to propose soon. Ford wants to know she knows. She says he asked one of her friends what type of rings she would like. Her friend was supposed to keep it secret. The young woman asks if she can believe it. Ford puts her head down and says he’s one lucky guy.

She kisses the young woman goodbye and slumps in the couch in the family room. She turns on the television but doesn’t watch it. Her boyfriend returns home and she takes him to bed. She wants to forget. Her boyfriend says she guess she changed. She murmurs “yeah” and rolls away from him in bed.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2001

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