Video Review: Xscape “Who Can I Run To”

In the dressing room, Tiny turns her head as she overhears La tell LaTocha that her ex-boyfriend, Zebo is in the audience.

The host welcomes to the So So Def club. The young women, in their black dresses, clap their hands while their boyfriends, wearing seats, order drinks for the table. The host introduces the group as “So So Def’s platinum recording artists, Xscape.” Zebo puts his head in his hands.

As the microphone lights up, Tiny glares at Zebo as she stands on stage. , Tiny, Tamika, LaTocha, and Kandi begin to perform.

Filmed through a sepia filter, Tiny and Zebo have lunch at a cafe.

Zebo’s girlfriend turns his head to her.

Back in in the sepia filter, Zebo gives her presents as she takes a bubble bath. He hands her a necklace. They take a walk.

Zebo’s girlfriend kisses his bare chest in bed. He sits on the chair, asking Tiny to talk to him. He says he’s “been waiting for you all day.” She shakes her head while he says that he has an explanation. She rips off the necklace as he says that he knows she wants to be with him again. She takes the phone off the hook. He dials again and gets a busy signal.

Rating: 3/5

Tiny dabs her eyes between set. Tamika sits down beside her. Waving the tissue in her hand, Tiny bites her lip and says she wishes Zebo would leave her alone. Tiny stares at her fingers, explaining he was a good person at one time. She has thought of getting back together with him but knows the current girlfriend won’t let him go. Tamika says she doesn’t need the drama. Tiny nods, saying she wishes she could stop her feelings for him.

While performing on stage, Tiny thinks of strolling over to his table to glare at his girlfriend and put her hand on his shoulder as she walks through the audience. During the routine, her fingers touch the necklace he gave her and she chokes back the tears.

After the show, the manager informs that a Zebo wants to see Tiny. Tamika tells her she doesn’t have to say anything. Tiny gives her a small smile and talks with Zebo. Zebo says it was a fantastic show. Tiny says thanks but she has to go. He promises to call later.

Back at home, she listens to his voicemail messages over and over. She thinks of answering the phone while he apologizes to her. With a box of tissues by her bed, she unplugs the phone and goes to bed. There is no guarantee he’ll leave his girlfriend for her. As far as she knows, it’s only words.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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