Video Review: Zayn “Satisfaction”

Against a black background, a phrase is written on the screen: “Until flower of this love has blossomed this heart won’t be at peace.”

A fire burns a field of grass. The smoke rises to the sky.

A young woman strokes her boyfriend’s face as they stand close together in their home.

The flames reach the electrical wires. The boyfriend steps on cracked pavement, carrying the young woman’s body. In the devastated village, poles topple over the piles of brick. Black smoke flows into the sky. Flat pieces of wood lean against the lifted street. Lit in lapis, he sits on the rock and holds her.

Zayn shakes his head as smoke drifts over him.

At home, the young woman and her boyfriend kiss in bed. He kisses her arm as she cuddles beside him. He stares at her while she rows the boat. A little girl runs in the village. The young woman sits with gold flakes on her face as part of a ritual.

He sees a little boy sitting in a tree as the young woman continues to row.

He lies on the strips of brown grass, his arms splayed out. A flower blooms from his chest. A bird stands on the flower and flies away.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman read the headlines online and closed her computer. She told her boyfriend something wasn’t right. The nation’s problems seemed to be have been wrapped up too neatly. Her boyfriend gave her a kiss on the boyfriend and said she needed to stay away from the news. She gets up from the chair and says she has to call her mom. As she talks on the phone, he plays a game on his phone.

While brushing her teeth, she asks her boyfriend if he heard a rattling. He shook his head no. She moves the curtain and looks out the window. He rubs her shoulders and reminds her to go to bed. They both have to wake up early.

With one eye open, the young woman listened the repeated pops and held the headboard as house shook. He exclaimed “Oh my god!” as the bookcase fell down. She put her arms around his chest to settle him down. The pops grew closer and from the window, he saw a rolling swirl of orange flames head toward their home.

She put her hand on his shoulder as she coughed, saying she was okay. Within the thick smoke, she gasped for breath. He held her, saying they were going to make it and ran out of their home. Against his chest, her heartbeat was slow as his nails and flesh stuck to his shoe.

Past the screams of the villagers, he stayed with her until her lips went cold. His vision blurred as he hobbled over the rock. He wanted to sleep. On the dead grass, he closed his eyes. After he passed, his eyes opened again while he stood on a flower. He flies away, hoping to see the young woman and his family are safe somewhere in a nest.

Director: Bouha Kazmi Year: 2019

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