Video Review: Mýa & Silkk The Shocker “Movin’ On”

At University High School, a young man breaks out into a run as the first bell rings. In biology class, the teacher makes a comment as Silkk The Shocker sneaks into his seat. The classmates tap each other’s back as they pass a note to Mýa. A female classmate smirks as she reads: “if Malik’s your boyfriend, he wasn’t last night.” Silkk The Shocker waits for Mýa after class. They talk by the chalkboard.

The female classmate puckers her lips for Malik as she passes by him in the hall.

She sits on a bench in the locker room.

Mýa talks with Malik at the water fountain and gives him a hug. She opens her locker and finds zebra print underwear. She and her classmates gather at the window to see Malik talk with a young pregnant woman. He waves goodbye to her and her 7-year-old son.

She and her classmates dance in the hallway. On the bleachers, she shows her best friend the underwear. Her best friend plugs her nose and throws it back at her. Looking in the female classmate’s direction, she comments it’s her underwear.

She cheers for the basketball during a game. Silkk The Shocker watches her as he takes a seat in the bleachers. Malik throws the game winning point at the last second. The team carry him on their shoulders. She rolls her eyes as she leaves the gym. Malik looks around for her and finds her sitting in the car in the parking lot. She throws the zebra print underwear at him and drives off.

Rating: 4/5

The cheerleading coach catches up with Mýa in the hallway and asks if she’s feeling okay. She comments she missed practice yesterday. Mýa says she quits. The cheerleading coach wants to know why. Mýa shrugs and replies that she doesn’t know. The cheerleading coach says she’s welcome to come back if she changes her mind. Mýa nods and points to her next class.

In class, she sits by Silkk The Shocker and asks him to be part of her group. Silkk The Shocker asks why she wasn’t at the pep rally. She says she’s over being popular. Although she’ll miss competing in cheerleading, she had to get away from the cutthroat friendships. Even though she quit, none of her supposed friends had reached out to her. She adds they only care about the game and the status it gives them. Silkk The Shocker invites her to sit with him at lunch. “They probably think I’m a snob. It’s okay.” He tells her it’s fine and they’ll talk to them.

At lunch, she sits down with Silkk the Shocker’s friends, who glance at one another as she eats her French fries. While they talk about their favorite shows, she breaks in and shares her favorite episode. They ask her if she likes the current season. She says she hasn’t seen much of it. His friends offer to loan her their taped episodes.

In seventh period, she says lunch went really well and says he can borrow her notes. He asks her if she wants to hang out with his friends at the basketball court. He says the entire group gets together and plays a game. Usually, the girls win. She says she’ll go and asks for directions. He says his friends can pick her up. They exchange contact information. He says his friends should be by her house in about an hour.

Director: G. Thomas Ferguson Year: 1998

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