Video Review: Phillip Phillips “Where We Came From”

In the Mat-Su Valley in Palmer, Alaska, the wind blows the flowers near the mountains.

People, bundled up in their coats, clap for Phillip Phillips as he walks on stage at the Alaska State Fair.

In his dressing room, he listens to music on his headphones as he sits on a chair.

He grins at his bandmate as they play in the Mat-Su Valley.

While on stage, he twists his boot left and right as he plays the guitar. He watches his fingers as he plays the guitar. A little girl rides a horse. The Zipper spins around people for about a minute. People walk to the entrance of the fair.

Rating: 3.5/5

Phillip Phillips talks with his guitarist as they get strapped into the Mega Drop. He, his guitarist and cellist scream as the ride springs them into the air. His guitarist suggests the Apollo next. Phillip Phillips says sure but his guitarist says he’s going to sit it out.

While swinging back and forth, Phillip Phillip shouts to his friend “why did you let me on this ride! You’re so dead!” His guitarist laughs and asks him if he’s okay once they exit the ride. His cellist sees Phillip Phillips’ face and says maybe they should watch the BMX show. He nods, saying he prefers to sit down for a while. They vote in the Beard contest and view the clay arts exhibit. He buys a hat and t-shirt for his family back home.

In the afternoon, he and his bandmates drive the Glenn Hwy Loop. They stop to take pictures of the glaciers and hike through the park. They play their instruments and comment on the beauty of the mountains. Over lunch, he says he’s grateful to have the chance to play in Alaska. If it weren’t for music, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see it.

Director: N/A Year: 2013

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