Video Review: Troye Sivan “Lucky Strike”

Troye Sivan sits on his red and white striped blanket, in line with the bar across from him. He watches as the bartender (Brandon Good) takes a glass and pours a drink. He closes his eyes and a human heart beats on a table.

He puts his head on the bartender’s chest as they slow dance on the sand. The bartender smokes as they sit in a boat at the shore.

The bartender stares at him and he turns his head to the ocean. A young man reads a magazine while sitting on his blanket. A fortysomething man sits in chair and places his hands on his wife’s shoulders. He places his arm on the counter of the bar. The bartender asks what he would like to have. He answers “just…whatever.” The bartender grins. He checks out the bartender’s tattoo on his chest and how he squeezes the lemon into the drink. The bartender clutches the human heart while Sivan’s heart bleeds through his white tank top. The bartender hands him his drink.

Wearing swim trunks, the bartender jogs into the ocean. Sivan leans against the bartender’s chest at the bar. The bartender continues to smoke. Sivan lies on blood red blankets inside the boat as he and the bartender sail in the ocean. The bartender looks at the carmine coated ocean through his binoculars.

Lit in lime green, he dances on the beach by himself at night.

He and the other people dance with him by the shore. Sivan holds the bartender’s hand as they sit in the boat.

He sits on his blanket, staring at the ocean.

Rating: 2/5

Troye Sivan applies sun lotion on his legs. He sips on his Bloody Mary and watches as the bartender leans on the counter to talk to a young woman. The bartender winks at him. He blinks and see spots in his eyes. The sweat from his hair drip into his eye. He mutters “ow” to himself as he rubs his eyes. As he packs up his cooler, he continues to stare at the bartender. The bartender waves him over while he carries his cooler. At the counter, he thanks the bartender for the free drink. The bartender asks him to walk the corner. He puts down his cooler. The bartender pulls his cheeks and kisses him. Sivan asks him what time his shift ends. The bartender tells him “now.”

Being with the bartender was all he wanted. It was an ache that wouldn’t go away. However, in bed, the bartender told him no one could know. It was wrong of them to be together and it couldn’t happen again. Back at the beach, he sees the bartender put his arm around a second young woman. The bartender nods at him.

He walks up the counter and orders a Bloody Mary. He asks him about his day. The bartender says his day was okay and gives him his drink. Sivan coughs and put his hand over his mouth as he walks away. Within earshot, the bartender calls him a slur and Sivan  flops onto his blanket, crying. To the bartender, he was an experiment, something to deny.

Director: Emma Westenberg Year: 2019

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