Video Review: Post Malone & Swa Lee “Sunflower”

In black-and-white, Post Malone tells a reporter a promotional event that  “me and this guy right here, he’s the genius behind everything, making trouble.” Swa Lee smiles as he waves his hands in front of the microphone.

At the recording studio, Malone, holding a cigarette, hugs the producers.

On stage, Malone dances by Lee.

Back at the recording studio, Malone smokes and bobs his head while Lee records. Lee laughs as Malone chugs a beer. Malone closes his eyes as he sings into the microphone. Lee dances in the studio and smokes. Lee sits in the chair and nods as Malone continues to record. Lee says goodbye to Malone.

Lee puts his arm around Malone on stage.

Rating: 1/5

Post Malone asks the producers if another take is needed. The producer, without looking up from his screen, says they can work on what they have. He says he’s thinking of bringing back the rap-rock genre. The producer glances at Malone and responds with a “mmm.” Malone adds that he’d love to work with him again. The producer tells him that he’ll contact his agent but he has to get to finish the song. Malone answers with “okay” and leaves the studio.

Swa Lee walks back into the studio and the producer asks him for a light. Lee mentions he may be going solo. The producer says he has some ideas he’s been saving for him just in case. The producer puts down his laptop and talks with Lee for about ten minutes. Lee says he’s got to go. The producer tells him they’ll talk later.

At the promotional event, Malone spots the reporter and talks with her for about ten minutes. Lee hangs by the poster and listens to the photographers shout at the movie’s director. The reporter cuts Malone off and asks Lee’s opinion. Lee says he’s happy to be involved in the film.

The fans at the concert shout for Lee between faint choruses for Malone. Malone and Lee nod at one another while the host announces them.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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