Video Review: Taylor Dayne “Prove Your Love”

In black-and-white, Taylor Dayne sings in an apartment. Her blush and red lipstick provide some color.

At night, she puts on her sunglasses and gets into the guitarists’ car. She puts her hands up in the air as she vents to him.

Dayne dances around the apartment She shakes her shoulders by the guitarist and stares into his eyes. She continues to stare at him as she stands in front of the keyboardist. The keyboardist leans into her as she dances. She returns to the guitarist and gazes only at him. She walks over to the drummer and puts her hands on his shoulders. The guitarist stops playing and glares at them.

She and the guitarist laugh in the car.

She runs back to the guitarist and puts her arm around him as they dance.

She rolls her eyes as she gets out of the car and walks into the studio. She waits for him by the door and they talk as they enter the apartment.

Rating: 2/5

The drummer assures the guitarist nothing is going on between him and Taylor Dayne as they walk together in the parking lot.The guitarist puts his hand on hips and says he understands there may still be feelings there. The drummer shakes his head, telling him it was a couple of dates and they ended it as friends.

Taylor Dayne jingles her keys and apologizes for late while she finds them in line at the diner. She kisses the guitarists and asks what’s wrong. The guitarist says it’s been a long day. She links arms with the guitarist and drummer, telling him he has a chance to relax now. While they get seated, she giggles at the drummer’s joke. The drummer gives the guitarist a sheepish look.

She pushes her fries over to the drummer, saying she can’t finish them. The guitarist takes the plate and says he’s still hungry. She folds her arms across her chest and tells him he’s been acting strange all day. She turns the drummer and says, “and I know it’s not just me.” The guitarist shakes her head. She smiles and shrugs at the drummer. The guitarist whispers he wants to talk to her in private.

In the parking lot, she says they are just friends and that he knew about her history with the drummer before they started dating. The guitarist says they seem to be flirting with each other all the time. She scoffs and says he needs to get over it. The guitarist wrings his hands and tells her he’s leaving. Dayne calls out “good!” and returns to the diner.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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