Video Review: Sugababes “Caught In A Moment”

In black-and-white, Keisha sits on a couch with one leg on the floor. Heidi glances at the ceiling as she sits in a wire chair. Mutya sits in a lounge chair. Three foil flowers hang above the furniture.

A man runs his hands on Mutya’s leg and takes off her shoes.

Mutya, Keisha and Heidi sit together by a table. Mutya looks at Heidi. The cameras within the foil flowers.

A man tilts Heidi’s back. Heidi touches her stomach.

The negatives show two strips of photo of Heidi and Mutya.

The man takes off Mutya’s shirt. Keisha rubs her bare arm, closes her eyes and tilts her head back. A man lifts Heidi’s leg. Keisha kisses a man.

The camera flashes as they sit at the table. The foil flower closes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Heidi kisses her husband goodbye. She calls up the hair salon and confirms her appointment. She checks the mail and realizes the package she ordered delivered from the department yesterday hadn’t arrived. She calls up the department store, demanding to know where it is. She threatens to stop spending money at the store and namedrops her husband, who owns a business across the street from the mall.

Keisha lets her boyfriend kiss her on the neck. Her hands tremble as he takes her to the bed. Her boyfriend tells her it’s okay. She allows him to touch her stomach and remove her clothes. It was her first time. She promised herself she would wait for marriage. However, she really wanted to be with him.

Mutya stretches out on the chair and waits. She leans forward, putting her hand on his chin and kisses him. He runs his hand over the straps of her dress. She sighs as he takes his time and tells him to hurry. He says he wanted it to matter. Mutya says it doesn’t have to mean anything and she rolls over in the bed.

Director: Howard Greenhalgh Year: 2004

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