Video Review: Jessica Simpson “I Belong To Me”

Wearing a white peasant top, Jessica Simpson stand by her seafoam tinted wall in her apartment.

In black-and-white, she pulls the sheet towards her. A box marked “Bedroom” sits near the wall. A tall box stating “clothing wardrobe” leans against a wall. She wakes up and runs her hand along the sheet. She picks up a pair of underwear and tosses it. She leans against the wall, touching her body. She shakes her hair while she looks out the window. She flips through photo frames packed together in bubblewrap.

In the bathroom, she spreads out the ends of her hair as she stands in front of the mirror. She finds a pair of scissors in her purse and snips a handful of hair.

Back in color, with her hair cut in a bob, Simpson reaches out with her hands as she stands against a teal background.

She cries as she cuts off several inches of her hair. Leaning against the sink, she sees her eyeliner and begins to apply it. In color, she puts on red lipstick and looks at herself in the mirror.

Against the teal background, she wipes the tears away from her eyes.

Back in black-and-white, she holds a blouse to her chest and puts it on over her top. She puts a tiara on her head. Taking off the crown, she looks at its silver wire. She bends down and washes off her face.

In color, she holds her hands close to her chest as she stands in her seafoam tinted apartment.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jessica Simpson breaks the tiara with her fingers. A memento from her bachelorette party, it reminded her of being fun, free and loved. Although she threw the hot pink boa and “the future Mrs…”  t-shirt in the trash, she held onto the tiara. She was naive back then, thinking the fairytale would continue and it would last forever.

Her husband believed it would be a cult television hit. Some of their hardcore fans would watch. However, the show would help with their albums, at least. She had been nervous the night it premiered. She shook her head, saying they tried but they might have to think of other options. The next morning, their managers called, stating it was the most watched show on the television. He says he’s already scheduled about twenty interviews with magazines.

She and her husband’s careers were intertwined. She didn’t know who she was anymore. While she was away from him, she acted out. Her parents reminded her to keep it quiet. They were hearing rumors. Part of her wanted the rumors to get back to her husband. He wanted to stay home, wrap up the season and start a family. However, she no longer was a failure. She was going to chase every opportunity, even if meant sacrificing her marriage. It was what she had to do.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2006

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