Video Review: Kodak Black, Travis Scott & Offset “ZEZE”

Marcia, from the record label, calls up Kodak Black and tells him the video has get done. She adds they have found a guy who’ll direct it and instructs him “no guns, no drugs, no violence, don’t blow my fuckin’ budget.”

The director tells a crew member to get down from the hi-lo and get out of the building. Morgan’s assistant follows him around with a boom mike as he walks to the video camera.

Travis Scott folds his arms as he stands on a lime green platform, a green screen behind him. Water fills up the screen. A shark swims past him. Kodak Black swings his arms as he dances against the mountains. A fire burns in the corner. The director throws money at the fan. The money flies to a young woman, in a bikini, sitting on an iceberg in the ocean.

Black dances on the lime green platform snow falls on the mountain. Money flies in the air. He holds a puppy. He continues to dance while volcanos shake around. An assistant moves one of the crew members closer to the green screen. A young woman shakes her butt as she dances in the snowy mountains while money flies. The director snacks on chips.

The director tells another crew member to leave the building. The director asks the record label exec what time Offset is expected to arrive and if Travis is okay. Black, Scott, Offset and several dance on the erupting volcanos. Offset stands by the mountains by himself. Black, Scott, Offset and the young women dance as the water fills the screen.

Scott tells the director that he “requested ass” and Black wanted a demon. The director assures he covered their requests. The director sets up stacks of money by a boombox while several women stand by a pole. A woman struggles to do a head stand. Various male crew members watch one of the women shake her butt at the pole.

Black runs underneath women’s legs. He stares a two shaking butts while on the sand. The crew members listen as the director tells the record label executive that they are overbudget. Marcia says there isn’t any money left and suggests adding a car.

Black, Offset and Scott sit on the car as it flies over a red planet. Black stands on the car by himself. The record label executive crosses his arms as he watches Black holds a red, white and blue bra. The record label executive says the shoot is finished.

Rating: 1/5

Kodak Black confides in Travis Scott that the director isn’t really doing anything. He complains there’s nothing in it to make it stand out. Scott says he’ll say something. Scott taps the director on the shoulder as he watches the young women. He lists off their demands, saying they aren’t being heard.  Scott says he wants examples and so far, it’s been outer space and volcanoes. The director explains he’s working within the record label guidelines. Black shakes his head and says to Scott that it’s going to be some kiddie movie.

Offset sits in his trailer, stalking his ex-wife on social media and smokes. A crew member pounds on his trailer and says he won’t answer. The director calls Offset and tells him to get back on set. Offset makes a hard right on the road and says he’ll be there in five minutes.

Scott writes in his notebook and calls his record label. He takes pictures for his social media and thinks of captions for the post. He checks in on his with his daughter. The nanny says she’s talking more every day. He asks to talk to her on the phone. Checking the time, he realizes he needs to be on set. He asks the director for some advice and takes his spot.

Director: Travis Scott Year: 2018

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