Video Review: AJR “Burn The House Down”

Adam, Ryan and Jack kick champagne bottles on the cotton floor of the ride. They sit on the gothic seat and three people, wearing black masks, put blindfolds over their eyes.

Adam, Ryan and Jack play in an office building with two saxophonists.

As they enter the first section, the three masked women remove the blindfolds. They watch a masked throw knives at a woman. The masked women return to put the blindfolds on them again. The blindfolds are removed as they see two masked men smash televisions. The ride turns as the two more men carry their baseball bats over their shoulders.

Wearing the blindfolds again, they speed through bridges and lights from various cities. At the end of the ride, they take off their blindfolds and walk out. They see men fighting with clubs by the line and fires burning in garbage cans.

Rating: 3/5

Ryan hides behind a car, his white shirt splattered with some blood. A baseball bat lies beside him. He lifts it and almost hits Jack. Jack raises his arms and tells him to give into the violence. He reminds Ryan that he’s his brother and won’t hurt him.

Adam hides in an alley, crying. A young woman screams for him to help as a man pushes her against the building. He shouts “I can’t” and runs. A second man stops him and waves his bat. He hits Adam, knocking him unconscious. Adam wakes up inside the entrance of the ride. Adam wakes up in a cot. They ask him to bring back a woman. The last one bled out from one of the knives.

Ryan yells for Adam. Jack taps his chest and tells him to be quiet. Ryan holds up a bat as they walk down the street. Jack points at a group of men starting a fire inside a building. Ryan turns down the corner and finds a police officer. He asks for the nearest shelter. The police officer pulls his gun.

In the neighborhoods, Ryan sees a blindfolded woman being led by a man. The man tells her when to turn and tugs at her leash. Ryan and Jack open the door of an abandoned home. The woman cowers in the corner, repeating “no, no, no” in a baby voice. They tell her they want to help. The woman says there is no such thing anymore.

Director: The Mitchells & Spencer Hord Year: 2018

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