Video Review: Kimberley Locke “Wrong”

In a graffitied warehouse, Kimberley Locke leans against a white-painted column.

A young woman kicks the air. A second young woman stretches. A third young woman wraps her wrist. The second young woman kicks the punching bag. A fourth young woman pours her water over her head and shakes her hair.

Two young women spar in the corner. Three young women practice together.

Locke opens the curtain to the next room. Two women face off in a match while the group cheers for them. Locke observes the match. The women pair up and push each other. Locke turns towards them and they begin to dance.

Rating: 3/5

Kimberley Locke introduces herself to the beginner kickboxing class. She tells the young women she has coached four national champions. She explains no one expected her to succeed and for her gym to close up within the year. However, every day, she had to add classes and hire instructors. She asks if anyone wants to share why they decided to take the class. A young woman in the back raises her hand and says “to feel safe.” The young woman adds there had been a couple of attacks at the grocery store. A second young woman says “to get over a breakup.” She thanks them and says it’s time to stretch.

In her office, a third young woman says a fourth young woman has been harassing her. Locke asks her what happened. The third young woman says she’s been stealing things from her locker. Locke says she’ll handle it. The fourth young woman has been a problem for a while now. It has been the fourth complaint she’s received in the month. During class, she asks the fourth young woman to leave. The fourth young woman says her business sucks and she’s going to bankrupt soon. She knocks some stuff over as she leaves and gives people the finger as she walks out.

Locke cheers on her two champions during a match. After the match, the fifth young woman thinks she didn’t do well. Locke says she’s being hard on herself and tells her no matter what, she competed with her whole heart. The winning score is announced and the fifth young woman moves onto to the next round. Locke hugs her and knows she can win it all.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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