Video Review: All Saints “Never Ever (US Version)”

A security camera films a television. On television, lit in royal blue, Nicole sings.

The lights flash inside a church as Nicole stands in the aisle. A young man dances in the corner. Natalie, Melanie and Shaznay stand by Nicole. A candle flickers out. Silver sparkles fall from the ceiling. A candelabra swings and then shatters.

Sparks explode around Melanie as she sings inside a cave. A semi-truck pulls up.

Shaznay shuffles her feet while a semi-truck drives past her. She continues to dance as the water droplets move backwards to the hose, which two men hold. Natalie, Nicole, Shaznay and Melanie dance as water springs over them.

Melanie stands by a burning car. The fence melts as Shaznay continues to shuffle her feet. A masked man uses a flamethrower in the tunnel. A ball of fire hurtles through the tunnel.

Multiples of Melanie, Nicole, Natalie and Shaznay sing in a group.

A curtain drops from a helicopter. It hovers above Shaznay, Melanie, Nicole and Natalie in the street. The security camera shuts off.

Rating: 3/5

Nicole bends down at the pew and makes the sign of the cross. She says a prayer. She asks God why she has to be disappointed over and over again. She shouts at him for an answer. The candles go out and she covers her head as the glass breaks. She screams for help.

Shaznay leaps over the flames and makes a call on the payphone. She reports that her two best friends are in trouble. They got lost while they running from the man with a flamethrower in a tunnel. Melanie gestures for Shaznay to hand her phone. Natalie describes their clothing.

Melanie coughs as she walks out of the cave with a firefighter. Nicole, Shaznay and Natalie embrace Melanie. Nicole says they were worried. Melanie says she wanted to be alone. Natalie says she was fortunate the truck driver found her. Melanie sips on the water and says she’s okay.

The pilot walks to Shaznay and says they have to leave now. She motions for Nicole, Melanie and Natalie to hurry up. An emergency medical technician helps Natalie carry Melanie to the helicopter. Nicole gives the exploding building the finger and takes a seat in the helicopter.

 Director: N/A Year: 1998

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