Video Review: LSD “Audio”

Diplo eyes a car at the dealership. The salesman says the car that the car is “you.” Diplo sits in the car and finds a cassette. The salesman taps the windshield and says “it’s not part of the deal.” As Diplo heads for entrance to the freeway, a Sia balloon flies in the air.

The Sia balloon circles an eight-year-old girl who walks to school. She sees and holds the string. At the grocery store parking lot, she drops her backpack on the ground. A butterfly rests on Labrinth’s head. Animated swirls form in his eyes, waking him up. While sitting up, Labrinth sees oversized orange skulls emerge from the pavement.

In the parking lot, people watch the Sia balloon. The eight-year-old girl lets it go and begins to dance. The people join in her routine. Animated yellow tigers chase after Diplo’s car on the freeway. Khalid views the rainbow between the buildings in New York City. He folds his hands together while lapis clouds fly by him.

Animated orange fish swim by Diplo’s car. The eight-year-old girl twirls her pigtails as she dances. Labrinth into an animated door and becomes a cartoon. Diplo stops at the gas station and feeds the animated tigers from aqua water into a bowl. Diplo sees the Sia balloon floating. Labrinth dances in the tunnel as a key and mini planets circle around him.

Animated lapis smoke emits from the engine and Diplo turns into a rocket. The tigers bounce from the lapis cloud as the Sia balloon floats.

The Sia balloon floats by a skate park as Diplo and Labrinth stare at the sky. The eight-year-old girl picks up her backpack and continues to walk to school.

Rating: 4/5

The eight-year-old girl watches two of her female classmates giggle and run away from her. She only wanted them to walk with her. She puts her head down. Sometimes in class, one of the female classmates would talk to her. Last weekend, the female classmate came over her house and they played dress up in the afternoon. The female classmate best friend thinks she’s a nerd and makes fun of her at lunch. The eight-year-old bites into her sandwich and pretends she doesn’t hear.

Along the way to school, she finds a balloon. She thinks of tying it at her desk in school. In the grocery store parking lot, she drops her books and almost loses her balloon. A young woman gets it for her and she thanks her. Inside the grocery store, the cashiers say hello to her. The manager sees her in the candy aisle and says they received their stock of her favorite hard-to-find candy. She squeals and grabs several bars. The manager tells her to have a good day at school. The cashier says she saved the last of the bracelets for her. She chooses one and asks how much it costs. The cashier says it’s free and that she can have all of them.

The eight-year-old puts her bracelets around her wrists and smiles as she walks to school. As she walks into school, she realizes she no longer has her balloon. During class, she receives a compliment from the teacher and the female classmate invites her to sit with her at lunch.

Director: Ernest Desumbila Year: 2018

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