Video Review: Alessia Cara “A Little More”

Alessia Cara films the ocean as she rides in the passenger seat. While walking on the beach, she films the waves crashing to the shore. She smiles into her camera. While exiting the beach, a line of cars wait to enter.

She takes off her shoe in the car. She takes a boat ride in the river. Zooming in with her phone, she tries to see past the keep out sign. Sitting in the box seat at the stadium, she captures the floor below and the stage. She feeds her boyfriend some cereal. In the hotel room, she opens the blinds. She taps her boyfriend on the shoulder.

While in the recording studio, she talks between takes. In the hotel room, she films her friend giving the peace sign. She waves to the camera during lunch. Her boyfriend balances his phone on his knee. She swims in the pool with her friends. Her boyfriend films her shaking her butt while standing at the stove. Lying in bed, she puts her hands over her head. She watches the road while driving at night with her boyfriend.

Rating: 3.5/5

Alessia Cara lies on the beach, a hat over her head and picks up her phone to film her boyfriend running to the water. They have been at the beach for almost three hours. It’s the longest she’s spent in any place for about two years. Her boyfriend mentions he saw a seafood restaurant across the street. She puts her magazine away, saying they really should eat.

During lunch, she asks him if she can have a bite of some of his creamy pesto shrimp. He takes a piece of bourbon glazed salmon. She exclaims it’s so good and that takes a picture of her dinner. Over dessert, she asks them what they have planned for tomorrow. He glances on his phone and says, they have another day at the beach. However, they are meeting up some friends in the afternoon. She says she wants to see a movie. He tells her it may be too late. She shrugs and says it’s only 9:30 p.m. He grins, saying they’ll go but he might fall asleep.

She squeals as she hugs her friends. She takes out her phone as she films their house, telling them it’s exactly how she remembered it. Their dog rushes over to her. She coos as she pets the dog and then throws the toy to it. They ask her about the tour as they sit on the couch. She starts with her favorite story from the first night on the tour. On the phone, she shows them pictures of her costumes, the crew and the bus. They say goodbye at 10 p.m. Cara tells her boyfriend to skip the hotel, she’ll drive. He says okay but once she starts to feel tired, they’ll stop.

Director: Alessia Cara Year: 2018

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