Video Review: Katrina & the Waves “That’s The Way”

A young woman closes her eyes as she holds onto a pole. A shirtless young man touches the tire of his motorcycle. He glances up at the young woman standing behind him in the garage. She opens her eyes and he takes off her blouse.

White sheets  lift off the instruments and the motorcycles in the garage. Kimberly, Vince, Alex and Morgan play. A lightbulb swings in the basement.

In black-and-white, the young man and woman kiss. He touches her back and kisses her shoulders.

The portable fan turns on as Katrina holds a scarlet curtain to her body. She leans on the motorcycle. Katrina puts her arms around the chains hanging from the ceiling. She hits the lamp over Alex as he drums. A sheet flies over the Katrina as she sits on the motorcycle. Streams of water fall from the ceiling, drenching the band. Katrina closes her eyes and shakes her hair while she clings to the chain.

The young woman and man sleep together on the motorcycle.

Rating: 3/5

Katrina calls for the third auto repair place for a specific part. The clerk over the phone tells her the price but it would take about a month to ship it to the store. She tells him it’s okay to order it. Walking into the kitchen, she tells her dad that she found the part. She adds it’s time for him to trade it in for a new one. Both her parents shake their heads. Her mom says they have a lot of memories and can’t rid of it. Katrina says they are wasting their money trying to fix it. Her father tells her when something happens to the both of them, she’s free to do what she wants. Right now, though, it’s going to stay in the basement. Katrina hugs them goodbye and says she’ll over next weekend.

Her mom says she remembers the first time they made love on the motorcycle. She could barely breathe as she looked at his body. He said he wanted her right away. She comments she was so shy back then. He pats her hand and says, they’ve built a wonderful life for themselves. She laughs, thinking of how they told their daughters not to date boys with motorcycles. He says he’s sure he scared some of Katrina’s boyfriends away. She puts her head on his shoulders and gestures to the basement. He follows her down the stairs.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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