Video Review: Ariana Grande “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande dances outside her home. Lit in hot pink, her friends hang out in her bedroom. Some of her friends stand on the lawn. Wearing diamond studded hoop earrings and necklace, she leans against her kitchen counter.

One of her best friends, wearing a bubblegum pink fur, lies on the fur-trimmed doghouse.

She crawls on the kitchen counter, wearing diamond barrettes in her hair and diamond choker. A tray of champagne classes sits by the sink. In the family room, she dances with champagne glass in hand. She pours champagne into a fountain of glasses. She talks and laughs with one of her best friends, who drinks from the bottle. A third best friend bites into a cookie while she drinks champagne.

She lies on the steps, her posture matching the sculpure on the platform. Her ponytail extends to the floor. She clears the table of the glasses. She touches the mini chandelier hanging in her bathroom. Multi-colored lasers swell as they border the screen. She rips open a cabinet within her closet.

Smiling, she says “these are my bitches” as they drink in a group. She and her friends stand together on the lawn.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ariana Grande drops her phone while dancing with her friends. She picks the up the pieces of the screen and types on her tablet. On the website, she orders the $1,000 phone online with one-day shipping. She asks Alexa to tell some jokes as she pets her dog. Her dog jumps off her lap and chews up her comforter. She throws it away and digs through the closet for one of the dozens she bought for him. He usually goes through at least a two a week. She likes to keep some on hand.

She packs her suitcase and puts her passport in her purse. There’s some sales going on in Europe. She calls for her private jet and flies to Paris, France for the weekend. During the flight, she finishes up an interview with a Vogue reporter and drinks champagne as she looks out the window.

While in Paris, she lies on the massage table at Galeries Lafayette as the sales clerks bag up her accessories and clothes. Her driver and assistant take her up to her hotel room at the Crilion. She receives notifications on her phone her gifts have been shipped to her best friends back home.

She texts her friends back home while she boards her private jet to Monaco. At the Casino de Monte-Carlo, she drinks at Bar Salle Blanche. She changes her flight on her phone and talks with some of the regulars at the bar.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019


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