Video Review: Britney Spears “Born To Make You Happy”

Seagulls caw while Britney Spears sleeps in her sunken bed.

Wearing an ice blue tank top and pants, she steps on platforms of glass. With a glass mosaic block wall behind her, she dances and puts her foot on one of the ridges.

On a wooden platform, wearing a red top and black leather slit skirt, she and her dancers perform a routine.

A young man walks by the curtain in her bedroom. She stands in her bedroom, wearing an all-white outfit.

In an orange tank top and jeans, she daydreams as the young man walks towards her. He puts his arms around her waist and she smiles at him. They have a pillow fight.

She leans into him as he holds her.

Rating: 3/5

Britney Spears wipes her face with a towel after a tennis match. Her best friend says they hired cute servers at the country club this summer. She saw a few setting up the morning buffet. Spears tells her that her parents wouldn’t allow it. Her best friend shrugs, saying it doesn’t have to be true love and it’ll be only for a couple of months.

While Spears and her best friend wait to be seated, she spots a young man taking the order of a senior citizen couple. Spears says hello to them and smiles at the young man. The young man walks to their table and asks what they would like. Her best friend giggles. She punches her friend’s arm and tells him a salad. When he returns with their sodas, her best friend asks where he’s from. He says from Illinois but will starting school in Georgetown in the fall. They offer to show him around town.

After his shift, they take him to the Track. At the Track, Spears and the young man sit together in the go-kart and race her best friend. She puts her arms around him as they celebrate their win over her best friend. Her best friend checks her watch and says she needs to get home. She waves at them and tells them to have a good time.

On the way home, they walk on the boardwalk. He gives her a kiss in the parking lot of the restaurant. She asks him if he wants to come to her tennis tournament over the weekend. He says he’d love her to see her play. They kiss again.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 1999

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