Video Review: Rick Astley “Hold Me In Your Arms”

In a park in London, England, a young woman sits on a bench with her umbrella beside her. Rick Astley sits on the right side of the park and stares at her. He stands up, puts his hands in his pockets while he passes the House of Parliament. On a bench, a second young woman holds up her umbrella while her boyfriend turns his head to her

A nurse sits on a third bench and puts her coat over herself. Inside a church, he overhears a sixtysomething couple renew their vows at the altar. Breathing in the cold air, he walks by himself in the city at night.

He leans against the bench while the doctor comforts the nurse. He glances at the couple kissing in front of the House of Parliament, He watches two friends laugh by the London Bridge. A young man taps the bench. A fortysomething man sleeps on another bench. A little boy looks up at the young man, sitting on the bench.

Standing by a tree, he watches a third young woman swing her little girl around in the park. The young man walks with the little boy. He pauses to watch three sixtysomething man play their instruments in the park and drops some change in the case. The little boy leaps on his back. He hugs the nurse and puts his arm around the homeless man. A young woman smiles as she hugs him. The young woman talks with another man on the bench.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman flicks some lint off Rick Astley’s jacket and says it’s good to see him. She tells him her parents says hello. He asks her about her current relationship. She says it’s going and feels she messed up years ago with him. He says they were really young and were rushing into marriage.

He meets his younger sister, a nurse. She talks to him about taking care of a patient. He had been in the hospital for almost two weeks. He was gradually getting better. However, they found cancer and he passed within days. Her boss told her the man was already dying when he arrived. However, she helped him by caring and listening to his jokes.

His nephew says his dad isn’t around much. Sometimes he asks him to take a walk with him but he says he has other stuff to do. Astley says he’ll talk to his father while they watch a football game. Astley explains to his older sister’s husband that his son was upset. His older sister’s husband says he’s been ticked off about his job. However, he’ll hang out with his son.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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