Video Review: Lauren Jauregui “More Than That”

At night, Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Lauren Jauregui) drives Athena, Hestia and Artemis to the entrance of the Olympus club. Wearing an aqua fur-trimmed robe, she walks into the club. Women, in red bra tops and business suits, drink their cocktails as they watch the female dancers twist around the pole.

Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter and Artemis sit on the couch of the floor. They sip their drinks while the female dancers, wearing clear high heels and white lingerie swing on the poles. Aphrodite throws some hundreds at them. Bills hit the dancer’s arm as she turns.

Inside a painting, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter and Artemis lie on rose pink and white roses.

One of the dancers takes Aphrodite’s hand and leads her to the stage. Aphrodite dances on stage. A male server watches her as he carries a tray. Aphrodite counts the money.

The painting hangs inside a museum.

Rating: 1/5

Aphrodite pockets a pearl necklace from the department store. She takes out her credit card out of her handbag as she talks to one of her lovers. She smirks at the sales clerk to tell her a nice evening and steps into the dressing room. She changes into her bandage dress and leaves her denim in the room. Hestia checks the nanny cam on her phone and puts her arms over her coat, covering up the lingerie. Aphrodite rolls her eyes at Hestia, telling her she should be cursed to really appreciate herself.

Artemis stands in the corner, putting her hair a strand of her hair over her ear as she talks with a young man. Aphrodite taps her shoulder and says they have to go. Artemis says she needs to get his phone number. Aphrodite grabs Artemis’ phone and curses the young man. Athena reminds Aphrodite that people aren’t born rich and she needs to respectful. Aphrodite stares down Athena, stating some people need to know their place.

While at the strip club, Athena takes Aphrodite’s keys and talks with one of the dancers. The female dancer says she can no longer work at the club. She advises the female dancer to call her. She has some contacts at the university and can help with getting her a better job. Athena excuses herself to break up a fight between Aphrodite and a female dancer on stage. Aphrodite curses the young woman. However, Athena places her hand on the shoulder of the young woman, dissolving the curse. Athena apologizes to the dancers and talks to the bouncer. who allows them to walk out. Athena tells a drunk Aphrodite she saved them from getting arrested.

Director: Lauren Dunn Year: 2019

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