Video Review: Mis-Teeq “Can’t Get It Back”

Sabrina rips up a wedding photo of her and her husband. She drops into the can of burning lace of her dress. She pulls off her ring and stares at it in her palm.

At the courthouse, her lawyer follows her inside the courtroom, giving her instructions. Alesha, wearing a black hat and sunglasses, leans against the wall, eavesdropping on Sabrina and her lawyer. The judge rolls his eyes as Sabrina speaks. Her husband’s lawyer presents a scrapbook of evidence, featuring photos of them having a romantic dinner.

He tiptoes in the bedroom and takes the keys while she sleeps. She opens her eyes as he shuts the door. Her husband holds a ring as two women get into his car during the day. Inside a warehouse, he sits tied in a chair, tape over his mouth. Sabrina, Alesha and Su-Elise mock him. A young woman hands Sabrina’s lawyer a notepad. Alesha takes pictures of him kissing other women in his car. He answers the phone while making out with Sabrina on the bed. The other women shouts “hello” as he shuts his phone. Sabrina finds a bra in his car. She presents it as evidence in court.

Alesha walks into the middle of the courtroom. She takes pictures of him flirting with three women at the hotel. Alesha holds the gavel as she stands on top of the judge’s bench.

A young man, wearing an apron and his hair in curlers, enters the warehouse. Her husband’s eyes bulge out and he nearly trips in his chair. He puts a blue blanket over her husband’s head.

The judge bangs his gavel and says court is adjourned.

Rating: 3/5

Sabrina stands up as the judge enters the room. The judge asks the foreman to read the jury’s verdict. The foreman says guilty for cheating. Sabrina smiles to herself as she listens to the people in the courtroom cheer. Her lawyer hugs her and tells her she’s unbelievably strong woman. Sabrina gestures for Alesha to come over. Sabrina tells her it was all her and that she did a great job. Alesha grins and tells Sabrina to take a long vacation. Alesha excuses herself and answers her phone. Her fixer tells her he’s in place.

Alesha congratulates Sabrina on winning her case and says she has to go. She lurks in the corner of the parking structure, watching Sabrina’s husband walk to his car. The fixer grabs him and she helps him get Sabrina’s husband in the van. Pointing a gun at him, she instructs Sabrina’s husband to not say a word.

Sabrina’s husband returns back to his apartment a few hours later with a bloodied shirt and bruised arms. He lies on his bed and struggles to breathe. A girlfriend gasps once she sees him and he tells her she has to leave. She says she can’t go and calls 911. Her husband sits on the bed, saying nothing to the police officers.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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