Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer “Lie To Me”

Around midnight, Luke walks on a race track and sits in the backseat of a car. A race car circles him. Michael walks by the bleachers. Luke sits on the bleachers. Ashton walks on top of the bleachers. Calum walks up the stairs.

Luke sits on top of the car. Two cars face him as he continue to sit in the car. Ashton watches through the wire fence. Calum folds his hands and puts them to his lips. Michael leans forward. The two cars smash into him.

The band performs in the middle of the track. While small fire burns near them, a motorcyclist does wheelies.

They sit on the car.

The car explodes.

Rating: 4/5

Luke pats the hood of his race car. He puts his hands on hips and stares at it. It had been repainted several times. The sponsored had changed over the years. None of the original parts were still on the car. It had been in two accidents. The car won him three championships. It had gotten him to third place in NASCAR.

The first accident had left him with a broken arm. However, the second accident had caused him a hospital stay. He had been prescribed painkillers to help him after the surgery. His girlfriend had stayed with him at the hospital and picked up his medication. While at the gym, he started to take more of his painkillers and calling his doctors for refills. After six months, she refused to go the pharmacy and said he had a problem. He told her to leave.

A press conference, though, had ended his professional career. He had answered questions while high. The video replayed on social media over and over, with reporters and people stating, he was troubled. He went into rehab two weeks later due to public pressure. Three months later, he said he was better. However, his bosses and the public didn’t believe him. They were right. He almost overdosed and was sent back to rehab again.

Race car driving had been his life since he was a kid, competing in soap box derbys. As he moved onto to cars, his girlfriend had been a mechanic on his team. While he won the local and state races, his girlfriend quit team once they became an official couple. She accompanied him to the national races and made sure the press was able to speak to him. However, it’s over now. He thinks of going back school and becoming a counselor.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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