Video Review: Rihanna “SOS (Version 1)”

At night, Rihanna, wearing an olive green chiffon dress, dances by some bushes.

Wearing a white tank top and an iridescent mini skirt,  she slides down against the back of a young man within a navy spotlight.

A light flashes as she touches the mirror inside the glass room. The young man, wearing an olive green shirt, presses his hand against the glass.

In a black crop top, black gloves and black, lacy boy shorts, she and two male perform a routine.

Wearing a ruffled fuchsia dress, she stretches out her legs and sits down by the one of the multiple mirrors.

Several young women join Rihanna by the the bushes. Wearing dark wash capri pants and a brown crop top, she and the dancers perform a routine.

In her home, she kicks up her legs in chair. Wearing a brown asymmetrical blouse and white pants, she talks on her cellphone. She sends a text message “sos” to her friends.

Within the navy spotlight, she continues to dance in a black tank top and pants.

In the black crop top, two male dancers lift her up to a platform. They dance together near a golden chandelier.

Wearing the olive green chiffon dress, she continues to dance by the bushes.

Rating: 3/5

Carrying a Coach purse, Rihanna walks into her part-time job at the dentist’s office. She says hello the patients as she lets them in and says she’ll be with them in a few minutes. She clocks in on the computer and finds the patients’ charts. She asks the young woman about her wedding. The young woman shows her some pictures and says the honeymoon to Hawaii was wonderful.

At lunch, she texts her best friends and they decide to meet at the mall at 6:30 p.m. She calls her boyfriend as she eats her salad. Her boyfriend tells her to have fun with her friends tonight.

As she waits for her friends, she reads a chapter in her accounting book. One of her best friends says “hello” and tells they are going to eat first. Rihanna eyes the handbags in the window of the Michael Kors store and nearly bumps into several people. She and her friends search the clearance rack at Zara. She finds some shirts and tries on some necklaces at Tiffany’s. She and her friends take some photos together.

Around 8:30 p.m., Rihanna hugs her friends goodbye and drives home. She opens the door to her home and says hello to her parents. She sets her bags down on the kitchen counter and watches the news with them. Before bed, she studies for an hour.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2006

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