Video Review: Rita Ora “Let You Love Me (Version 2)”

In three squares, Rita Ora drives into London, England.

Dressed in a t-shirt and sequined leggings, she sings in the studio.

Back in the three squares, she swings her arms during dance rehearsal. In a red one-piece bathing suit, she climbs the ladder back into the boat. She turns around and swims in the water.

Lit in teal, she sings near the piano during a concert. Wearing a purple cape with a yellow bralette, she dances on stage. Ora lies on the sand.

In the three squares, she pulls a strand of her hair and grins while she stands up in the boat.

Confetti falls on the audience during a concert.

Back in the three squares, she sits on the boat and waves. She holds up the phone to sky, capturing the clouds.

Rating: 2/5

Something big is going to happen. Rita Ora knows it. Momentum seems to be building in the United States. Her manager has kept her up on the numbers her album has sold. She has inquired if some dates would be added. Her manager says it’s a possibility. However, it’s likely for another album.

She stays up late to talk to a reporter in the United States. The reporter asks her about the repeated backlash against her. She defends herself and hopes it blows over soon. She’s so close. However, it seems as though something usually returns her to square one.

However, with the positive album reviews and matching sales, she opted to take a weekend off. Her friend films her on the boat, relaxing and swimming in the ocean. Her friends avoid talking about her job. As she lies on the sand, she realizes, her hard work over the past five years is started to pay off. She only needs to wait a little longer.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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