Video Review: Tracey Ullman “Move Over Darling”

A young man plays guitar on the television playing in the beauty salon. Tracey Ullman sits in the center and takes off her glasses.

Her boyfriend drives a train. He checks his watch as he leans out of the car. With a brush, he puts shaving cream on his face and shaves.

A flyer announces the Rivoli ballroom dancing contest.

She and her boyfriend dance on the sidewalk of her apartment. He opens the door of the carriage for her and trips as he gets on his motorcycle. At the Rivoli, her boyfriend lifts her and she clings to the disco ball. He puts his head into his hand. The judges give her a ten.

She wipes away a tear during the trophy ceremony and curtesies. The judges clap. She and her boyfriend dance out of the Rivoli and into the train. They wave goodbye.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tracey Ullman picks up her dress from the tailor. She bounces on her tiptoes as she plays with the tulle. In her kitchen, she practices some moves while cooking. Her boyfriend arrives home and gives her a kiss. She tells him after dinner they have to practice. He tells her they are ready. She says she’s unsure of a couple moves.

At the beauty salon, she tells the stylist she used to be a ballet dancer as a kid. However, she had to quit. Her parents could no longer afford lessons. Once she got a job, she started ballroom dancing and competing events. She says she came close to winning twice. The Rivoli event, though, will allow her and her husband allow to state competition. Her stylist wishes her luck.

She thought they almost lost the competition. While she hung from the ceiling, she kept hoping the judges didn’t notice. As they showed their scores, she was relieved. Her husband squeezed her hand during the trophy ceremony. One of the judges said “one couple dared to experiment and be great.” She hung her head, believing it was the other couple. When the judge said her and her husband’s names, she jumped up and down. She hugged the judges and burst into tears. There is going to be going to be so much to do in the meantime. However, she’ll have another chance to dance.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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