Video Review: Natasha Bedingfield & Sean Kingston “Love Like This”

A young man with long hair rides his skateboard on the sidewalk. Two young women, sitting on their bicycles, check him out. Natasha Bedingfield and her friends get out of their Jeep. She sees a second young man, leaning on his motorcycle, staring at her. They smile at one another. Sean Kingston taps his chest as he stands by a bus.

She sits on a picnic table. Behind her, the second young man’s friends leave and he sits with her on the picnic table. Another couple sits on a loveseat on the grass. She nudges him with her foot. He sits closer to her and they talk. An eight-year-old boy sits with an eight-year-old girl on a bench.

She stands by the tree and dances in place. He takes her hand and she sits on his motorcycle.

She sits with Kingston inside an empty pool. Around her, people dance with cups in their hands. A bartender serves drinks by the bushes. A band plays in the bottom of the pool.

The young man sits by her at the pool. She cuddles next to him. They hold hands as they walk to the hammock. They lie in the hammock together.

She and Kingston give the peace sign.

Rating: 3/5

Natasha Bedingfield tells her friends she’ll meet up with them later. It’s been so long since she talked to anyone. Her last long-term relationship ended a couple of months ago. However, as she smiles at him, she feels something again. At the picnic table, she glances behind her every so often and sees the second young man wave to her. She thinks of going over there. But she isn’t certain what to do with his friends around him. She opts to wait.

As they leave, he asks her if he can sit with her. She says yes. They stare and smile at one another for about ten minutes. She breaks the ice by touching his foot. He moves next to her and whispers in her ear. He offers her to take her ride on his motorcycle. He takes her on the freeway and to see the ocean. They stop at the beach and have something to eat. He mentions one of his friends is having a party and asks if she would like to go.

While at the party, she wanders with her hands in her pocket. Some of the people hide their drinks as she walks by. She assures one couple she’s not a chaperone and sits next to Sean Kingston. Kingston gets her to dance and says if it weren’t for the band, he would’ve gone home hours later.

She sits by herself at the end of the pool for about twenty minutes. She thinks of calling her friends to pick her up. The second young man is somewhere in the house. However, he sits by her and asks if she’s okay. She says yes. He points to the hammock and says they should take it before someone else does. While she cuddles with him in the hammock, she thinks it could work.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2007


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