Video Review: Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd “Lost in the Fire”

The Weeknd sits in a chair next to a steel sculpture of Gaesaffelstein in a dark room with sparse light.  He dances as red rose appears. Several white roses sit on a table under glass.

Lit in fire orange, a young woman’s eyes spark. A white painted sculpture of man kissing a woman stands in the room. A white rose appears. Two ends of fire meet, forming a circle.

The sculpture of Gaeffelstein rubs his fingers over his knuckles. Gaeffelstein stands up. Ink rolls down the white painted sculpture. Two topless women, seen from the shoulders up, stand together.

The Weekend sits behind a desk with the Gaeffelstein behind him. Ink covers the white rose. The red rose wilts. A wolf man crawls on a pool table as a young woman lies unconscious. The wolf man puts his mouth near the young woman’s neck. Fires burn by a glacier. A young woman kisses a skull.

The Weekend and Gaeffelstein sit in chairs, back to back. A man and woman sit across from one another, holding a lit candle while a sheer sheet covers them. The sculpture of the man and young falls apart.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young women enter The Weeknd’s castle but don’t ever leave. The Weeknd sits at his desk, determining a young woman’s fate. She trespassed into his courtyard and plucked one of his white roses, spiked with ketamine. She shook in his presence and handed him back the rose once her, saying it was the perfect shape. The Weeknd puts his finger to his chin and waves her away. He whispers to one of his living sculptures to send her to the art studio. The living sculpture nods.

The young woman screams inside the art studio as The Weeknd continues to work at his desk. He calls an international businessman and schedules a meeting. One of his sculptures has been sold. He signs the order, stating the sculpture’s release and finds it in his home, behind glass. The second living sculpture squirms in his arms but he presses it together. It will be another million to add to his to fortune.

The wolf man roams the halls of the castle, his mouth watering at the sculpture. The Weeknd points to the pool table. One of the young woman had failed to become art. The wolf man nods. He observes his installation of several figures entwined together. He snaps his fingers for one of his guards. He tells the guard to tear it apart. It’s going to be shown in an exhibition.

Director: Manu Cossu Year: 2019

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