Video Review: Logan Henderson “Pull Me Deep”

Lit in apple red, Logan Henderson kneels on the floor while a young woman, wearing white, lacy lingerie touches his back as she walks around him.

Against an azure, he walks around in the room, his body apple red. His body changes to match the azure background.

Flashing back to the apple red lit, the young woman slides on the floor next to him and whispers in his ear. He sits on a platform while several women, dressed in white, lacy lingerie, dance around him. The background switches to azure and returns to the apple red several times.

Against the apple red background, he dances by the platform. He sits back on the platform while the woman touch his neck.

Against the azure background, he holds a hand of one of the young woman and follows her. She shoves him while the other young women stare at him.

In apple red, the young women touch him as they walk around him.

Lit in azure blue, he kneels on the floor.

Rating: 1/5

Logan Henderson cracks open a beer at the alumni golfing event. He punches the undergraduate on the arm and tells him “back in the day, I passed all my classes hungover.” The undergraduate nods and asks Henderson says about his job. He laughs and says he’s an entrepreneur. He tried out for Shark Tank and almost made it on television. He says he’s need of a marketing person. However, he adds, there won’t be any pay and it would be good for experience. The undergraduate shakes his head and asks the second alumnus for interview tips.

Henderson nudges the undergraduates, saying he’s giving him first choice of the female servers. The undergraduate glares at him, telling he has a girlfriend. Henderson scoffs and says the only people who will know will be this group. It’ll be their secret. The hostess tells them their booth is ready. The undergraduate moves past Henderson and waits for him to choose a seat. The undergraduate takes the seat farthest from him. Henderson winks at the hostess and asks if she has a boyfriend. She gives him a tight smile, telling him she’s dating someone. “Not anymore.” He answers as he takes the menu from her.

Over lunch, Henderson tells of his many conquests and says some are local celebrities now. He shakes his head as he describes a pregnancy scare one of his girls had on the side while he was in a long-term relationship, saying it was such a mess. The second alumnus talks to the undergraduate and asks him about his girlfriend. The second alumnus tells him he had his wedding reception at the college. The undergraduate tells the second alumnus he’s thinking of proposing to his girlfriend after graduation. Henderson checks out the waitresses as he drinks his beer.

Director: Wesley Quinn Year: 2018

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