Video Review: Sara Bareilles “Love Song”

A young man (Adam Campbell) turns the sign to open on the window. He puts a quarter into the Love Songs jukebox. Moving the curtain, he watches a miniature Sara Bareilles play the piano.

As she plays the piano, the gears move behind her. On the second floor, she continues to play next to her bed. Animated flowers pop up on the blank sheet music. Customers walk into the store and place a quarter into the jukebox. She turns her head to watch a quarter roll through the jukebox and races to get to her piano as someone waits for her to play.

She sings by the cutout of the letter O while the young man cleans the store.

In her bedroom, she catches the coin as it slides down into the jukebox. Climbing a ladder to the first floor, she jams the quarter into the gears.

The young man opens the store again in the morning and tilts his head at the jukebox. He opens the doors of the jukebox and sees the quarter. With his flashlight, he watches her play and hands her the quarter. He closes the cabinet doors as she plays.

Rating: 5/5

Another quarter slides down into the jukebox as Sara Bareilles rests her head. She jumps out of bed and plays the piano. The young woman inside asks if her friend if she has any more change. Her friend says she’ll get more at the register. The young woman puts two more quarters. Her voice becomes hoarse. The young women glance at each other. Her friend says she’s going to say something to the young man. She overhears the young man saying he’ll take a look at it.

After his break, he opens the cabinet doors. She naps in her bed. There isn’t usually much time to close her eyes. From 10 a.m. until 9: 15 p.m, she’s singing. He turns the light off and she falls asleep. She hopes it will be for an hour. Usually, she gets 15 minutes most days.  The lights turn on again 45 minutes later and she continues to race to the piano between snacking and drinking water.

Through the cutout of the O, she sees people laughing with their friends as they walk into the store. Someday, she’d like to walk into the store, the size of the average person, and look at things. However, she’d be able to leave and go somewhere else. Back when she was an average sized human, she went to the park and the zoo. She saw concerts.

She stops another quarter and almost slices it in half as she jams it into the gears. During the lulls, she observes the gears and noticed some flaws. She carries a quarter over head and tosses it through the slot. The people shrug and walk away. She returns to bed and hopes it’s enough.

Director: Josh Forbes Year: 2007

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