Video Review: Michelle Branch “All You Wanted”

Michelle Branch sits on her bedroom of her apartment, playing the guitar. She sits on her couch and paces by her television. She opens the door of her apartment and enters a bar.

At the bar, she walks through the crowd to the front of the stage. On stage, a second version of herself performs. She talks to her boyfriend. As he turns to listen, the people in the bar freeze. He blinks after she finishes talking. The young woman in the back, dancing, pops her gum. The couple continues to talk in the booth.

Branch, her boyfriend and some people board the bus. She gets up to talk to him and the people in the bus freeze again. She stands in the aisle and the conversations in the bus continue. The door of the bus opens and she gets out in the pouring rain. He follows her outside. While she talks to him, the second young woman in the phone booth pauses mid-sentence while a young man carries a book over his head in place. She watches the hands on his watch spin and steps back. It starts to rain while she runs off. She opens her arms and looks up as the rain falls on her inside the parking structure.

Rating: 2/5

Michelle Branch tells her boyfriend she’s going on tour. It’s the longest of her career and it may lead to a record label. She says it’s now or never. Her boyfriend looks down, telling her has to think about it. She says there’s been enough time to think. Being on the road and writing music is what he wants to do. She says she’s leaving on Wednesday.

In between packing her clothes, she works on a song and jots down notes. She visits her parents and tells them the good news. They decide to take her out to dinner to celebrate. Her mom asks her about her boyfriend. She says she isn’t sure if he’s going to be there. She adds that he doesn’t think he wants to make the risk. Her dad tells her she needs to see his point of view: music was something he hid from his parents and friends. He was raised to be a lawyer. She nods and says she’ll give him some time.

At the bus stop, she hands a crew member one of her suitcases. Her boyfriend taps her on the shoulder and says he quit his job. She throws her arms around him and says she’s glad he’s here. She holds his hand as they get on the bus and begins to introduce him to people.

Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 2002

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