Video Review: Samantha Mumba “Body II Body”

Filmed through a camcorder, Samantha Mumba waits in front of the store at night for her boyfriend to pick her up. Headlights from various cars shine as she walks to the curb and looks on the opposite side. Her ride pulls up and she gets into the car. She rests her feet on the dashboard as they drive in the city.

By an overpass, a group of people hang out and dance. Her boyfriend parks the car. She and her friends start to dance on the field.

She and her boyfriend drive over a bridge and through the city.

Rating: 2/5

Samantha Mumba tells her boyfriend she always remember to pick up a piece of paper she dropped on the floor from The Wombles. If she leaves it, she continues, the chorus will start in her head. Her boyfriend says he wanted the episodes to be longer. It was the only thing that could keep him quiet as a kid. He asks her if she wants to go to a party. It’s in the field. She says it sounds fun.

At the party, she and her friends dance. Some people drink by the keg. She walks to the card table and gets some chips. Her boyfriend gets a soda from the cooler. She taps her foot to the music. and talks with a few people. Her boyfriend puts his arm around her as they sit by the bonfire. She rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep. He wakes her up almost an hour later and asks if she wants to leave.

On the way home, she points out where she went to school and her first job. She says she and her family used to take a right to the park. Her mom would make fried chicken for lunch and they would sit at a picnic table. He tells her they’ll do that next weeknd. She smiles and looks out the window as he drives.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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