Video Review: Why Don’t We “Talk”

Against a black screen, a message reads: “somewhere in Paris, France…” Zach Herron sits in a cafe, his arms folded across his chest and puts on his jacket. While he walks out the door, he passes by Daniel, who reads a menu. He gets up from his chair and starts to dance.

Jonah walks out a black van and takes off his sunglasses as his driver parks.

In Manchester, England, Jonah, Daniel, Zach, Corbyn and Jack talk on their cell phones in front of the Manchester Town Hall. In Madrid, Spain, they swing their legs while sitting on the railing of the Arzobispado De Madrid.They talk on their cellphones while standing at the Helsinki Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland. Jack talks in a phone booth in London, England.

They stand by a gate in Stockholm, Sweden and move to let the guards pass. While sitting on the I amsterdam sign in Netherlands, Amsterdam, they continue to text. They sit in front of the Cologne Catherdral in Cologne, Germany. They walk by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Corbyn rides a skateboard somewhere in Europe. They walk around Milan, Italy.

“That guy right there?” Zach asks. Jonah turns his head and watches people change in the street and shakes his head. Zach says “yeah” and changes his answer to “no?” Jonah mouths “no” and smiles.

Rating: 2/5

Jonah smiles as he sees his friends arrive at his parents’ home in Paris, France. Speaking French, he asks the one of the butlers to help with his friends’ luggage. Jonah asks his friends about their flight and gives them a tour of the home. He says lunch will be served in an hour.

Jonah speaks French with the neighbors and introduces them to his friends. He asks his driver to take his friends to some of the landmarks. They glance at the Eiffel Tower and stop to take photos on their phones. They post it to their social feeds and answer posts as they lean against the railing, staring at the screen. Jonah coordinates train tickets and says tomorrow, they are going to travel throughout Europe.

In their posts, they say it was a fantastic experience and they didn’t get a chance to see as much as they liked. During their walks to the cafes, they talked and texted on their phones. One of Zach’s friends asked if he was bored. They opted not to go into the landmarks and looked up the history online. Jonah texts his friends that it’s time to leave.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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