Video Review: Calvin Harris & Rag ‘n’ Bone Man “Giant”

A young man sits on his bed and stares at his hands. He looks out the window. Downstairs, he hears the dog whine and takes him on a walk. He flips through photographs while in his room.

Calvin Harris, wearing a raincoat, stands in boat and fishes.

The young man leans against the wall as his mother sits at the kitchen table with her medicine. He lies awake in his bed and watches his mother sleep on the couch. Opening the gate, he breaks into a run.

The fish dive in the water as Harris continues to stand in the forest. A deer grazes the grass in forest and turns its head. The young man runs into the forest. Harris digs into the ground and makes some food for himself. People in red tracksuits ride the horses. Rag ‘n’ Bone stands in the center of the field as lightning strikes in the night sky. The young man starts to dance as the people on horses wave flags around him. A young woman stands face to face with him.

Back at home, he dances in his room.

He and the people dance in the muddy field. A second young man holds the rein of his horse as he watches everyone. The young man looks up as it snows.

Rating: 5/5

The medicine isn’t working. She’s sleeping mostly all day now. The young man rubs his dog’s ears and asks him if he wants to take a walk. During his walk, he thinks of the bills that need to be paid and how he’ll have to call into work tomorrow. His job wouldn’t allow him the day off. However, there is no one else to take his mom to the doctor’s appointment.

At the doctor’s appointment, she says she’s feeling better and that she doesn’t need to go back to the hospital. In the room, he asks the doctor several questions about his mom’s medication and saying she is experiencing some side effects. The doctor says he’s going to run some tests. His mother shakes her head, saying she’s okay. The doctor says he wants to be sure. After the test, the doctor takes him aside and tells him she’s going to have to be admitted to the hospital.

On the kitchen table, he shuffles through multiple explanations of benefits and bank statements. The hospice needs the financial power of attorney and he has no idea where it is. He feeds the dog and tells him he’ll be only be gone for a few hours. He tells him to be a good boy and puts on his jacket. Sweat drenches his back as he runs, chilling his skin in the cold air. A cramp in his leg knocks him down and he sits on the forest floor, breathing hard. It’s about ten to fifteen miles back home. He gets out his cell phone. He’ll call his uncle to pick him up. Right now, he wants to rest.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2019

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