Video Review: Thalia “Baby, I’m In Love”

In New York City, New York, Thalia sits in the dressing room of CBGB’s.

A punk band plays on stage.

She and her friends leave after the set. The bouncer tells her he’ll see her next weekend.

Underneath the urine yellow fluorescent light, she and her friends take the escalator underground. Her bouncer friend lets them cut in line and enter the club. She and her friends dance. Her friend returns with several paper plates of pizza and hands them out from the 24 hour eatery in the Village.

A cab drops them off at the club. Thalia puts her hands in her hair as she sees the metal door covering the entrance. Thalia points to the back entrance. She fist pumps the manager as he lets them in. She glances at a couple making out in the dressing room. On stage, a second version of Thalia performs.

She continues to dance in the dressing room. She raises her hands and steps out of a recreation of the room and walks down the street in New York. City.

Rating: 4/5

Thalia names the song as her friend plays it on her cell phone. Her friend exclaims “thanks!” and asks for some recommendations. Thalia thumbs through the vinyl in her room and hands her friend a couple of records. Her friend takes a record out of the sleeves and puts it on the turntable. Thalia deletes an entire paragraph in her term paper, saves it and turns off her computer. She laughs as reads a text from one her friends in a local rock band. She asks her friend if she wants to go to a record signing in the city. Her friend shrugs. Thalia says she’ll regret saying no once they become famous.

At the record signing, she gives the lead singer a hug. The young women in line glare at her. He tells her it’ll be another hour or so. As they wait, she tells her friend they recently got signed to a major label. It’s going to be the last time she’ll see them in a while. She and her friends hang out with the band at the diner. The lead singer stops to sign some autographs. Her friend tells her “it’s so cool.” Thalia tells her she’s going to love CBGB’s.

Thalia says hello the bouncer. She points to a group of young women and says “those are the groupies.” She says two of them are okay but to stay away from them. The drummer calls out her name in the hallway and asks her how she’s been. Her friend gasps. As they sit in the dressing room, her friend tells her she can’t believe she knows some celebrities. Thalia shrugs, saying she’s known them since they were first starting out. The drummer asks her when she’s going to officially join the scene. She says she’s thinking of leaving college for a while and following a band on tour. She could play dive bars in between and write on the side. The drummer says to let him know once she goes. He knows a couple of press contacts. From backstage, they drink whiskey and watch the show.

Director: Anti Jokinen Year: 2003

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