Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Chlorine”

Tyler puts on his headphones as Josh pours water into a pool. Tyler glances as the broken van side door by the shed and kneels down the pavement. He holds his paper cup. An animated alien-bunny hybrid with pointy ears peeks out of the broken van door. Tyler waves hello. The animated alien-bunny walks to the pool and stares into it. Josh drives them to their next job.

They return to the home and pour chlorine into the pool. Tyler watches as the alien-bunny hybrid tiptoes on the ledge of the pool. However, it returns back to the shed.

Tyler and Josh roll a tank down the road. Josh opens the pipe and starts to fill the pool. The animated alien-bunny looks at the pool and walks back to the shed. The creature runs and cannonballs into the pool.

Tyler sings in the neighborhood at night.

The creature swims in the water. It grows antlers.

Tyler sits in an empty pool. The creature sits down next to him. Tyler offers him some water. The creature sniffs it and scoffs.

Rating: 4/5

Josh took a step back and cursed, dropping the hose as he watched the creature walk out of the shed. Tyler picked it up and told him it was okay. The creature squealed and raced back into its shed. Josh tells him to “be careful, it might bite” as Tyler goes by the creature’s hiding spot.

Tyler gestures for the creature, to come by him. The creature puts its paws to its mouth and stares at the floor. Tyler baby talks, saying “it’s okay, little guy. You’ve been such a good boy.” The creature wags its tail. He throws some lunch meat from his sandwich. The creature sniffs it and swallows it.

An unusual creature is a story people won’t believe. Over the years, Josh and Tyler have accumulated tales about the customers they had. They have been hit on multiple women and men. They have crawled into yards filled with dry rotted furniture and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement for a local celebrity. They had left a job due to a loose tiger in the home. The owner assured them it was domesticated but they said they were unable to do it.

Tyler thinks it was a bunny at time and some chemicals affected it. Josh says whatever it is, it scares him. Tyler brings some treats with him as they return to the home. He continues to talk to the creature. The creature snuggles up to him. Tyler says they need to take him with them. Josh shouts “no!” and they need to leave it. Tyler says he can’t. The creature growls at Josh while it sits in Tyler’s lap. Josh glances at the alien-bunny while he drives, waiting for it to lunge.

Director: Mark C. Eshleman Year: 2019

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