Video Review: Bryan Adams “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?”

In black-and-white, a young woman (Amira Casar) puts her feet on the couch and lies on the rug. Bryan Adams, wearing a mask over his eyes, stands in the corner of the screen. From the 1994 film, Don Juan DeMarco, Don Juan (Johnny Depp) watches her as she walks by him. He bites his lip.

A second young woman (Cecile Thomsen), sits in a theater, watching a movie.

In Malaga, Spain, Adams, walks into a bar in Casa los Pavlos Reales. He scans the room of the people, wearing masks over their eyes, sitting and drinking at the tables. He gets a drink and starts to talk to the men next to him.  The women turn to look at him.

Adams and the second young woman clips from the film. Don Juan stands with a rope around his neck. He throws his head back as he sits in a chair. Adams kisses the second young woman’s arm.

At the bar, a twentysomething woman and fiftysomething man clink their glasses. A fortysomething man drinks in the corner while the guitarist plays next to him. The two young women stroke Adams’ neck and arm. The second young woman touches the first young woman’s arm. The first young woman holds her hand and kisses it. Several people dance. Adams takes the guitarist’s instrument. Standing on the table, he removes his mask and starts to play.

From the film, Jack (Marlon Brando) taps the steering wheel of his car.

Adams dances with the second young woman in the theater. The second young woman strokes Adams’ hair as they sit on the couch.Adams leans against the wall as he plays guitar outside the bar. A group of women in flamenco dresses dance. The second young woman and first young woman stand next to one another.

Director: Anton Corbjin Rating: 2/5

Only one woman could get Don Juan to fall in love. The second young woman believed it could be her. Don Juan (Bryan Adam) was captivated by the first young woman as he watched her on screen. The second young woman accepts his inspired kisses. She asks him to dance to distract him from the screen. However, he continues to turn to glance at first young woman lying on the floor.

The second young woman sits with Don Juan at the bar and plays with his hair. He tells her she’s beautiful. The first young woman walks in and the he grabs a guitar. The first young woman orders a drink. The second young woman puts her hand over hers as she hands her the drink. She wants to know the woman’s kiss. The first young woman entwines her fingers and holds her hand. The first young woman says it’s been a long time she felt a true touch.

Don Juan walks over to the women. The first young woman touches Don Juan’s chin and kisses him. She tells she was meant to love him.  The second young woman kisses Don Juan’s neck and tells him he’s a wonderful lover. The first young woman and Don Juan walk away together. The second young puts her head down and crosses her arms against her chest. Don Juan’s heart was taken.

Director: Anton Corbijn Year: 1995

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