Video Review: Maren Morris “GIRL”

In an interview, Maren Morris says “I think it just comes down to, like, we don’t want more than anyone else, we want the same as anyone else.”

Morris taps her foot as she plays the guitar in the store. A twentysomething woman checks a pregnancy test in the bathroom and looks out the window. An auburn-haired twentysomething woman slashes a paintbrush on wall. A brunette twentysomething woman dances in a studio. A short-haired young woman shakes her head as she sits in the bathtub. A twentysomething woman nearly trips on the ledge.

Two thirtysomething women box. A fortysomething woman talks with her teenage son while her husband faces the window. A thirtysomething woman reads a text on the kitchen floor and puts her head between her knees.

Morris works with her vocal coach. He tells her “Power! Diaphragm! Go!”

A twentysomething woman with a ponytail argues with her boyfriend in a music store. A 16-year-old young woman steals cans from the grocery store and gets caught by the police as she runs. A 18-year-old young woman fends off an aggressive customer at the cash register. The manager intervenes. A thirtysomething woman holds her two-year-old girl as they walk in the desert. A 19-year-old young woman mediates in her family room.

Morris performs at a lounge.

A twentysomething woman with green hair sleeps with her boyfriend. A 10-year-old girl watches as her father leaves her home. A 9-year-old girl receives a squeeze from her mother as she listens to the priest during the funeral. Morris hugs one of her best friends. A twentysomething young woman watches as her boyfriend’s car burns and walks away as he shouts at her.

A twentysomething in her pajamas brushing her teeth in the bathroom. A fortysomething woman applies mascara in the dressing room of the strip club. A twentysomething woman adjuts her hijab. A second 18-year-old tears a strip of paper from her leg. An assistant helps Morris with her jacket.

Four quadruplet sisters, in matching clothes, fold their arms as they sit on the couch. A group of friends sing “happy birthday” to a thirtysomething woman with short hair at a restaurant. Morris participates in a woman’s march.

Morris performs in a stadium.

An 18-year-old young woman twirls the baton as the marching band performs in a parade. A twentysomething woman with chestnut brown hair walks alone in the road. A thirtysomething woman rides a motorcycle.

Morris says to the interviewer, “one of the hard things about being a girl is always answering questions about what it’s like to be a girl.”

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman touches her stomach. There’s a baby growing in there. It’s all the baby is going to have. Her boyfriend broke up with her. Over the weekend, she visits her parents and tells them she’s going to have a baby. She puts her down while her father says he’s disappointed. Her mother won’t look her in the eye.

The fortysomething woman reads the email on her phone: “we have decided you aren’t the right fit for the our company.” She doesn’t know what to do. Unemployment is going to run out in six weeks. Her brother says she isn’t trying hard enough. Her friends have stopped asking her to hang out.

The thirtysomething woman cuts the cake and passes the pieces to her friends. She says it’s such an awesome cake and asks where they got it made. Her best friend says they have a present for her. She says they didn’t have to do anything. Her best friend says she helped them a difficult time in their lives and they want to treat her. She opens her the envelope and it’s tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas. Her best friend says it’s something she has mentioned she wanted to do and they planned it. She thanks them and says she can’t wait. She tucks the envelope in her purse and holds up her glass of wine they toast to decades-long friendship

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2019

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