Video Review: Imagine Dragons “Bad Liar”

A young woman (Autumn Miller) twirls her hair as she walks into the school at night. She pauses as she sees a young man hunched over, standing on his tiptoes by the lockers.

Dan, Wayne, Ben and Daniel perform by a school bus in the parking lot.

She walks around him and checks to see if he’s breathing.

She dances in between the lockers by herself.

In the library, she lifts up his head and turns towards to the table. She lies her side on the table, dangling her arm. She slides under the table and lifts her leg as she dances around him. She sits on the end on the table.

The young man hangs his head as he drags himself to the gym. She sees him as she stretches her leg. She touches his limp arm and pirouettes. She rests her head on his shoulder. He levitates as she takes a breath.

She bows to him by the swimming pool and he falls flat on the floor. She leaves.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman sits in on her car and looks through her backpack. She took out her planner and folders. There were some decorations from her locker underneath two textbooks. She has to go back inside and get her biology book.

As she walks inside, she spots a young man by himself. Something’s wrong and it’s as though he’s sick. She approaches him and notices his wan face. She has seen him in of her classes. Usually, he sits in the back and draws in his notebook. His art has been displayed in the halls. Her friends think he’s weird. However, she thinks he’s nice, just lonely.

In the library, she finds her favorite books and gives him recommendations. No one really think she reads. However, she loves it. She tells him she sees a lot of herself in him. Like him, she sees herself as an artist. She says after graduation, she’s going to New York and wants to try out for Broadway. She thinks she has a chance. She thinks he should submit his drawings to magazines.

He follows her into the gym. She says she lives most of her life in the gym. Either she’s practicing for a cheer competition or standing on top of pyramid to a full crowd She has won some awards. It has made some of her teammates hate her and screw her out of the being head cheerleader. She says she’ll look for him in class and promises it’s not a one-night friendship. She returns back to her locker and gets her book.

Director: Ryan Reichenfeld Year: 2019

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