Video Review: Kandi “Don’t Think I’m Not”

Kandi, wearing wide-leg low-rise denim jeans and a white crop top, stands in the house. She passes pictures of her and her boyfriend stacked along shelves and mantels throughout the house. From the door, she can hear her second boyfriend pulling into the driveway.

A young woman sits on her boyfriend’s lap. She sits across from him on the couch. He turns his head and sees her. He scolds her and she shrugs it off. A young man puts his arm around her and her boyfriend shouts at him. He and his friends leave the club.

Wearing a black studded bra top and underwear, she sings against a steel background. She dances on a silver platform.

She and her friends dance in the club.

She and her boyfriend snuggle on the couch. He leaves the house and kisses a second young woman in the car. She calls her second boyfriend on her cell phone. At the door, she hugs her second boyfriend. They play video games. He rubs her leg as they sit by the pool. He sleeps while he lies on float. Her boyfriend confronts the second boyfriend as he walks onto the driveway. At the door, he talks to her.

At the club, she and the other women pull down the men’s pants past their hips.

Rating: 2/5

Kandi folds her arms as her boyfriend says he’s really hurt that she was with someone else. He adds she’s nothing to that guy and it’ll be a fling. Kandi shrugs and says it’s supposed to be a fling. She tells him it’s no secret that he sleeps around with other women. She wants to have some fun, too. He demands for her to stop seeing him. She tilts her head to him and tells him no.

In the family room, he wants to know if anything happened between them. She says it’s none of his business. He stands in front of her and asks if she slept with him. She shakes her head and changes the channel. He tells her it ends now and he’s not come to the house again. She says she’ll do what he wants. He tells her they are going to have a long discussion about their relationship during dinner.

Kandi picks up her second boyfriend. He apologizes about her boyfriend. He didn’t want to argue with him. She tells him it’s okay and she ended things with him. He smirks and says, “wasn’t he the one who wanted an open relationship.” Kandi tells him that he wanted to permission to cheat and then gradually stop talking to her. Her second boyfriend says she made the right choice. As he turns, he asks her if she wants to see a movie tonight. She grins, telling him she wants to watch things blow up. He says he has a few ideas of what she might like.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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