Video Review: Sam Smith & Normani “Dancing With A Stranger”

Sam Smith leans against of the home. He stands by the glass window, looking at the pool. He turns his head to the left while by the pool.

A hologram of a young woman with a short haircut moves her arms on a laptop. Smith waves his hand through the screen as he sits in the chair. On the large flat screen television in the family room, a bald young woman looks up at the ceiling. The transparent young woman with short hair sits on him, moving her arms back and forth. The three transparent people dance on the screen as Smith moves in the corner.

A rose lights up a wine red.

Normani lies on bed, covering her eye. While sitting on the couch, a transparent young man whispers in her ear. She dances in the family room. The transparent young man kisses her arm. She puts her hands on the glass window and looks into the backyard.

Against a black background, Smith and Normani stand back to back, singing.

A transparent young man touches Smith’s arm and lies on his stomach.  Normani holds a bottle of perfume. The young men and women, who have become solidified, dance solo by a teal wall.

Smith and Normani sing back to back against the black background.

Rating: 3/5

Normani spritzes some Dior perfume on her neck and fluffs her hair. She slips her feet in her high heels and leaves the house. While at the bar, she talks with a young man. She giggles at his jokes. He asks her to dance and she says yes. Sweat dripping on her back, she excuses herself. As she dabs her chest with a paper towel, she avoids looking at herself in the mirror. Walking out the bathroom, she plasters a smile on her face. He takes her in his arms and asks if she wants to go home. She lets of his arms and runs to her car. Her wheels squeal as she turns out of the parking lot and onto the main road. She doesn’t want to go back home.

Back home. she sees the past lovers she invited into her bed after breaking up with boyfriend. Some wanted to please her. A young woman tried to convince her there’s no harm. None of it is the same.

Sam Smith watches the final episode of a television show. He drinks from his glass of wine and sets it down on the table. His cell phone chirps and it’s from his current girlfriend. She says she’s on her way over. He kisses at the front door and takes her hand as they leave. While waiting for their order at the restaurant, the band begins to play their song. She grins at him and he gets up from his chair. As they dance, she puts her head on his shoulder.

At home, she takes off her dress and says she’ll be waiting for him in bed. He views the one-night stands in the hall. He hangs his head down and heads to the bedroom.

Director: Vaughan Arnell Year: 2019

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