Video Review: Shania Twain “Forever and For Always”

Wearing a beige off the shoulder sweater, Shania Twain leans against a boat in Bethells Beach, New Zealand.

A ten-year-old boy digs as he finishes on the sandcastle. A ten-year-old girl stretches her arm and finds a rock. She runs to the boy.

Twain walks on the wet sand.

She taps him on the shoulder and he exclaims “cool!” He cleans it off for her and picks up his camera. They both smile as he takes a photo.

Twain walks by the shore.

As teenagers, they visit the beach again. She waves at him as he walks back to the sand, carrying his surfboard.

Twain swings on the wooden column of the balcony.

He kisses her and gives her a bracelet, made of the rock she found as kid. She puts her hand over her mouth as he ties it over her wrist. She sets down her guitar and stands up to give him a hug. With his arm around her, he takes a photo of them.

During the sunset, she sits by the shore and runs her hands in the sea.

As they near 60 years old, they hold hands as they walk on the beach, He carries a white stick and gazes at her. She wears the piece of rock as necklace. He draws a heart in the sand with the stick. They walk inside the heart and he hugs her. He touches her necklace and she puts her hand over his. They watch the waves roll in the ocean. He takes a picture of them.

Twain glances at her foot as she sits by the shore.

Rating: 5/5

It’s the first year at Bethells Beach without mom and dad. Shania Twain watches a young man surfing in the early morning and thinks of how her father would scale the waves. As a child, she worried if he fell under the water and begged her mom to check on him. However, he swam back shore each time. As a teenager, he tried to teach her to surf but she preferred to learn the guitar with her mom.

Sitting in the lounge chair, she strums one of her mother’s songs and closes her eyes as she listen to the waves. In her 20s, she wanted to be on her own and stopped going with her parents to the beach. As she watched her father weaken, she wished she had one more vacation with them. However, her father passed years ago. Her mother was supposed to go with her but she broke her hip. She told her mom she’d cancel. Her mother said for her to go.

She takes the helicopter flight by herself and takes pictures for her mother. Back at the cottage, she grills some chicken for lunch and meets with some family friends in the area. They share memories at the Wainamu Lake rock pools. They say they will be flying home to see her mother soon and tell her to call them if she needs anything. She says she will and walks back to the cottage.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 2003

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