Video Review: Amy Winehouse “Tears Dry On Their Own”

Amy Winehouse looks out her bedroom window. She sits on the bed. Empty bottles sit on the table.

She walks down Hollwyood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. A little girl talks with a fortysomething man, pulling a LaCoste toy. As she passes a few stores, a fiftysomething man with a white beard takes a picture with his camera. A shirtless man looks for someone. A young women with hot pink hair bumps into her as she walks into a store.

A drag queen whispers to her friend as they walk. A third drag queen, wearing a purple bikini, touches her hair and smiles as she walks on the side of her. A fortysomething woman, wearing a tiara, gets pushed in her wheelchair by a friend. Winehouse side- eyes a fiftysomething man preaching the apocploypse with a cardboard sign stating “the end is near. ” A twentysomething man smokes a cigarette.

She passes a second twentysomething man talking on the payphone. Behind her, a fortysomething woman, wearing a white bra and jeans walks with her boyfriend. A shirtless man, carrying a bottle in brown paper bag, tries to talk to Winehouse. A large breasted woman kisses her police officer boyfriend.

She lies on her bed.

At night, two young women scream as the put their hands around their head. A police officer slams them against the car. A second young woman approaches them, swinging her purse. She walks back into her motel room.

Rating: 1/5

The shirtless pretty man says he’s got a bit part on a teen show. It’s going to make connections on the set and become a real Hollywood player by the end of the year. She ignores him as he curses her out. The drag queens excuse themselves as they pass by her. One compliments her hair and she tells her thank you. The drag queen gives her a flyer for the show at a dive bar.

A fortysomething woman, wearing a bra, cranes her head as she looks for camera. She shouts that she sees a celebrity. Her boyfriend says it isn’t anyone. Winehouse smirks to herself. It was the talk show host. She nods at the talk show host as she walks by.

A large-breasted woman tells her boyfriend she’ll be safe. He says she has to find a line of work. She says it’s only been two movies and will lead to better things. The producer has done two major Hollywood films. The police officer threatens to shut it down. She says only a couple more and he’ll never have to work the night shift again.

Winehouse opens the door for a fortysomething woman in a wheelchair. The fortysomething says she’s feel like a star as she shops in the stores. Winehouse tells them to avoid the next block and says it’s not safe. As she crosses the street, a police officer waves hello to her and asks if she needs any help. She says she’s fine. He tells they can find another motel for her. She says it’s not as bad. The police officer says he’ll watch to make its inside safe.

She sits on the motel room bed, listening to the couple argue downstairs. From the window, she sees the prostitute get into a car with a man. The police sirens grow louder. She takes a drink. In the motel room, she’s anonymous.

Director: David LaChapelle Year: 2007

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