Video Review: Lukas Graham “Not a Damn Thing Changed”

A pallbearer holds the handle of the casket. Lukas stands at the microphone at the bar. A ball sits in a puddle during a rain storm. He sits at the table in the bar with two bottles of beer.

He walks into church and sits in a pew. He and his friends leave church together. They talk in the parking lot for a while and take the bus. A young man and young woman stand close together, their foreheads touching. At the bar, Lukas sings at the microphone. He tips over the table. People open their bottles while they listen to him. His friends dance.

Two dogs chase after a ball. He and his friends set up the net. Lukas tosses out the ball to start the soccer game. A male friend with short, blond hair high-fives a second male friend with long, brown hair. One of the dogs runs into the lake while the other hesitates. The women cheer for the goal. While it pours, the men pause in the park. They slide in the mud and scramble for the ball. The two dogs fight over the ball.

A second goal is scored. Lukas sprays champagne at his group of friends as they stand outside in the rain. They dry off in the house. In the morning, the jump into the lake together.

In the church, a picture of his friend sits by some flowers. A message reads: “in loving memory of William.”

Rating: 4.5/5

Their friend was watching them play, knowing his life was being honored. While Lukas and friends stood in the park, they each said a prayer as the rain soaked their bodies. Their friend was okay and no longer suffering. The last two weeks had been hell for the group of childhood friends. He had cancelled on a few games, saying he wasn’t feeling well. Lukas told he’ll hold onto the goalie position and it’ll be there waiting for him once he feels better. Lukas reaches his hands and catches the ball. He looks up at the sky and waves to his friend. The position will always be his.

In the house, Lukas stands by himself and thinks. Their friend was the first among them to pass. Although they had experienced losing grandparents, they still had each other. They believed they had decades of hanging out and growing their families together. It was going to change all of them.

One of the couples within their group announces their engagement a few months later. Another couple breaks up, splintering the group into three bickering mini-cliques. A female friend says she’s going to travel. Lukas doesn’t know what he wants to do. He’s been taking it a day a time. However, the days seem to be getting shorter and he’s not getting anywhere.

Director: Rene Sascha Johnson Year: 2018

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