Video Review: Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”

John peers through a telescope inside a glass tower on top of a building. He swivels his chair from left and right to look through another telescope.

The band plays in a tunnel.

He stands by the glass, looking at the street below. He plays with a wire ball and gazes out the window with binoculars.  He stands on the ledge, watching the people walking on the street. The people look up at him. He spins around in his chair.

John walks in the tunnel by himself.

Rating: 3.5/5

A few stars continue to thrive despite the threat of a downpour. John continues to turn in his chair, studying the stars and taking notes. He draws a rough draft of a constellation and believes he found a new one. Within the star, he sees a celestial figure flap her wings. She was someone’s daughter once. He searches in another direction and discovers a male angel, his eyes watching the activity on the street.

He walks on the ledge and sees a young man smoking. Several people talk underneath the umbrella as they walk to the store. The male angel may be know someone in the crowd. Someone yells to him “don’t jump!” He has no intention of doing so. He looks up at the sky, wondering which family members are watching him.

Back in the tower, he sketches the angel he saw within the star. She seems familiar. At the library, he searches for news stories of missing young women. As he scrolls through the images, he finds a match. She was last alive in the early 80s and lived about two blocks away from him. Her parents refused to believe she had run away. A follow-up story last year explains the family moved from the area. The parents, though, have been working with the police for the past decade, trying to get answers. They have never given up on her daughter.

In the morning, he finds the star again and watches the female angel in the sky. She’s at peace, looking for her family. She’s home but wants to know her family is okay. He reads up on celestial figures and believes he’s already met a couple based on the textbooks. As he gets coffee, he studies the people in the cafe. hoping to find another angel.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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