Video Review: Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera “Moves Like Jagger”

In black-and-white, the marquee on the Los Angeles Theater reads: Today Jagger Auditions. The crew hangs up the Union Jack flag on stage. A second crew member untangles a cord. Men and women of various ages get ready in the audition room. A young woman studies a dance move from Mick Jagger performance on her laptop. They wait in line backstage.

In video footage, British journalist Michael Parkinson asks Jagger how he’s been performing. Jagger answers “two years.” Parkinson follows up with “how long do you see yourself doing this?” Jagger replies that he doesn’t know and didn’t think his career would last as long as it did.

In color, a young woman, wearing a nude jumpsuit with “Mick” in front, opens her jacket and dances under the hot pink Jagger logo.

Jagger, in a red suit, dances on stage during a concert.

A second young woman, wearing a corset tube top bobs her head as she walks across stage.

Maroon 5 perform on stage with a multi-colored M behind them. Adam performs shirtless.

A third young woman, wearing a fur shrug with a “who is Mick Jagger” shirt and black and red striped pants dances. A fourth young, wearing red tie around her neck, tank top and pants, points her finger as she dances.

Jagger claps his hands as he performs during a concert.

A fourth young woman carries a sign that says “I love u Mick.” A fortysomething man dances man dances in half open shirt. A fifth young woman kicks up her leg.

Christina Aguilera winks and holds onto the microphone as she sings by herself. She puts her fingers to her lips and tips her hat.

As black confetti falls, Adam, Aguilera, and the group of people dance together while the American flag drops down on stage. Black balloons bump into people’s arms. A sixth young woman tosses a balloon up the ceiling.

In concert footage, Jagger blows a kiss to the audience.

In black-and-white, the people leave the stage. Jagger says in the interview he thinks he only has a year left of being in music.

Rating: 2/5

Adam Levine celebrates opening night of “Moves Like Jagger” with his castmate, Christina Aguilera. He toasts to his “Jerry Hall” and thanks the director for his hard work. He blinks back tears as he says that Mick Jagger is an inspiration to him and believes the musical is a testament to it. Aguilera says “I would–” but is cut off by Levine, who continues. Levine says “may we have a long run and honor Jagger the way he deserves.” Aguilera raises her glass and chugs it. She pops open another bottle of champagne and drinks from it while Levine floats around the room. She digs through the bar for the champagne bottles. It’s going to be the only way she’s going to survive the six-week run.

During rehearsal, Aguilera runs through the dialogue with the director. She says it’s useless. The backup actors and actresses glance at one another. She adds the show is going to close anyway and Levine won’t come out of his dressing room. The director says he’ll find him.

Levine reads the reviews over and over. His particular performance was cited by one reviewer in a national magazine as “staining Jagger’s performances with a predatory sneer” and that “Jagger should be running to the theater with the FBI in tow, stating identity theft” The director knocks on his door. He says he can’t come back out. The director says it’s only a few more performances. Levine hangs his head and gets up from his chair.

Director: Jonas Akerlund Year: 2011

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