Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Hard White”

Wearing a teal metallic coat and boots, Nicki Minaj walks down a darkened tunnel. Lit in royal blue, three male zombies watch as she descends onto the ground, wearing her crown and dress.

Through a black-and-white kaleidoscope lens, she raps.

She sits on her throne in the tunnel. In the desert, she lies on the sand as watches a young woman shout at the sky.A sixtysomething woman puts her hands over her mouth, her face lit with sea green. Back in royal blue, the male and female zombies dance by Minaj.

Three young women pray in the desert, their bodies jerking as they recite the words. Blood pours from one woman’s eyes. An army marches towards a castle.

The zombies, lit in blue, dance in a hot pink laser lit circle. A scorpion breaks in half. Three Minajs lie in the sand. She dances in the tunnel. The last bits of sand trickle into the bottom of the hourglass. She stands by herself, lit in royal blue.

Rating: 3/5

Nicki Minaj addresses the hundreds of subjects on her balcony. She advises them that the battle won’t ever be over. Although the threat of the zombies are contained, it’s a temporary measure. She stresses them to look out for themselves and scrounge the abandoned homes. She says she can’t guarantee survival but assures they are not alone.

There have been zombies she hasn’t been able to kill. Within their eyes, she sees sparks of the person she knew as a human. Although they are bodies are decaying, she believes there is some way to get them back. The zombies who knew her well returned to her and stayed loyal. But she knows the day will come when they turn. She’ll have to do what she has to do.

She gathers with some of the female survivors in the desert. They pray for their a quick end to their suffering.  It was a practice she began to help the survivors to heal. However, as the zombies took over, the people started to questioning their faith. The prayers became calls to God, asking why he was letting the cruelty continue. There was nothing she could say. Walking back to the castle, she recognized the zombies as some of the women from the prayer group. It wasn’t what they wanted for themselves. With each kill, a part of her lost hope that things would get better. She spent days in her tunnel, blocking out the moans and cries outside. Hiding was the only way of keeping herself together after never ending grief. It was her own world.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2019


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